Brookings City Planning Director John Bischoff says many people are confused about a recently mailed letter to residents about the upcoming Urban Growth Boundary hearing.

The city had just completed mailing out 4,183 notices to property owners regarding the hearings set for Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Bischoff said the misunderstanding stems from the requirements of ballot Measure 56, which was placed on the November 1998 ballot by an organization known as Oregonians In Action, a property rights advocate group.

The ballot measure was passed by the voters and its provisions are now state law, Bischoff said.

This law requires that for certain types of land use decisions, the city or county must notify by mail all of the property owners that may be affected by the decision, that a public hearing will be held to consider that action.

Bischoff said the law requires that the mailed notice contain the statement that: They (the city or county) have determined that these ordinances will affect the permissible uses of your property and may reduce the value of your property.

This statement is required even if the actions, as in the upcoming hearing on the Urban Growth Boundary, may actually increase the value of your property, Bischoff said.

Bischoff said the hearing set for Nov. 8 concerns the Urban Growth Boundary and is the type of land use action that requires this notice.

Because it concerns the UGB, the notice must be mailed to all property owners within the boundary, including those in the city, he said. However, only that property within the areas included in the expansion will actually be affected by this action.

He said property that falls within the expansion will not decrease its value.

If anything, it will increase the value of the land, he said. It will also increase the possible permissible uses.

He said property within the city or within the old Urban Growth Boundary will not be affected by this action in any way. Property within the city or within the old urban growth boundary will not decrease in value and there will be no change in the permissible uses, Bischoff said.

For more information call the city planning department (541) 469-2163, Ext. 237, or the Curry Planning Department (541) 247-7011.