Rain didnt dampen the homecoming celebration for Brookings-Harbor High School students on Friday.

The seniors went ahead with planned outdoor projects and activities despite the weather.

Seniors worked on several community improvement projects including cleaning up Stout Park and Winchuck River Beach. Other seniors assisted fifth and sixth grade students at Azalea Middle School with math and reading, and worked at the Humane Society Thrift Store.

They were offered the chance to cancel the outdoor projects, but the seniors wanted to do them, said senior Kristina Hensley.

The projects were part of Bruin Day, a community service day for seniors. This was the second year the students participated in Bruin Day and they plan to make it an annual event, Hensley said.

Bruin Day was organized by seniors Matt Gertsch, Prisca Callison, Steve Struck and Alyssa Babin.

They planned the activities as part of their senior project.

On Friday afternoon, the noise parade, a traditional homecoming activity, went ahead despite the heavy rain.

Students rode on flatbed trucks and made noises using various devices as they traveled the streets of Brookings.

School district Superintendent Dr. Paul Prevenas said it had been several years since it had rained on the parade.

The rest of homecoming week was celebrated with theme days including Nerd Day, Superstar Day and Pajama Day.

One of the pivotal events of the week, the coronation, occurred Wednesday night. Seniors Jesse Gardner and Tarinn Smith were selected as king and queen and will preside over the dance on Saturday.

They were crowned by teachers Greg and Darlene Jones. The coronation was emceed by Art Dingle and was organized by the junior class.

The Bear Delights Dance Team performed and the Sea Breeze Choir sang In My Life with April King as the soloist.

The homecoming court was selected by the student body.

Court members were freshmen Tiffany Arnett and Steve Morris; sophomores Breanna Tierney and Forest Brunson, Jennifer Friar and Kyle Robinson; juniors Iris Wraith and Mark Blagden, Karrisa Hayes and David Chesterman, Robyn Tribur and Jared Elsemore; seniors Kelli Carpenter and Kevin Kranz; Liz Kroy and Robert Tribur; Lindsey Brown and Matt Gerisch.

The homecoming celebration ended Friday with the homecoming football game against South Umpqua. A dance followed on Saturday.