GOLD BEACH The $14 million Brookings-Harbor school bond passed by 55 percent, but the margin of victory was healthier in some precincts than in others.

Of the 27 precincts in Curry County, 15 voted on the bond. It was defeated in one precinct, and tied in another.

A pattern emerged showing strong support for the bond in the Brookings and Chetco River precincts, with weak support west of the Highway 101 in Harbor and in the north-district precincts. The bond went down in Precinct 23, Lower Harbor, with a 52.7 percent no vote. Yes and no votes tied in Precinct 13, Pistol River.

The bond also received a high percentage of no votes in Precinct 24, Southwest Harbor, with 48.96 percent; Precinct 26, Cape Ferrelo, with 48.49 percent; Precinct 22, West Harbor, with 48.07 percent.

Precinct 16, Brookings 2, went strongly for the bond with 60.52 percent yes votes. Precinct 27, Upper Chetco, was close behind with 59.85 percent yes.

Also showing strong support were Precinct 17, Brookings 3, with 57.71 percent yes; Precinct 14, Harris Creek, with 56.42 percent yes; Precinct No. 18, North Chetco, with 55.17 percent yes.