A three-member Brookings City Council met in a special meeting Wednesday afternoon to rescind an ordinance for processing claims under Measure 7, the voter-approved amendment to the state constitution.

It was the second special meeting called by the city in response to the so-called taking initiative. The first meeting was called on Tuesday, Dec. 5, to pass the ordinance because Measure 7 was scheduled to become law on Thursday, Dec. 7.

Two area residents attended the special meeting to protest any attempt to rescind or delay Measure 7.

Ray Passley, Harbor, said he understood the action taken by the council would delay application of Measure 7.

City Manager Leroy Blodgett explained that the council was simply rescinding an ordinance for processing claims under Measure 7.

The League of Oregon Cities has determined that there could be a liability to the city if we waived state land use laws in response to a Measure 7 claim, Blodgett said.

Measure 7 was voted in by all of the people and I think they knew what they were doing, Passley said. I dont think the politicians should interfere with the wishes of the public.

Ive lived here a long time and I remember when they took all the land along the ocean for the highway and paid people a fraction of what it was worth.

Herb Sanders, Brookings, also opposed any action that will weaken Measure 7.

I would oppose any action until Measure 7 is further along the way. Youre putting the cart before the horse. And these people who find a butterfly and tell a property owner he cant work his property theyre putting butterflies before people.

Sanders said that what officials were calling wetlands arent wetlands, theyre watersheds.

They keep calling these things wetlands when theyre actually waterways.

Council President Larry Curry assured Sanders the council was not attacking Measure 7.

We simply need to rescind action we took at a previous meeting, he said.

Well, if it will weaken Measure 7 Sanders said.

It will not affect Measure 7 in any way, Curry said.

Councilor Frances Johns made a motion that Ordinance 00-O-542 be read in its entirety.

City Manager Leroy Blodgett read the ordinance and the council approved its acceptance.

Following the second reading of the ordinance by title only Councilor Loraine Kuhn moved the council adopt the ordinance. It was approved unanimously.

In discussion following the city council meeting, Blodgett said the League of Oregon Cities had recommended that cities who had passed ordinances with any reference to waiving laws rescind them as soon as practicable.

The 1000 Friends of Oregon has reportedly threatened to bring suit against any ordinance proposing the waiving of land use laws, Blodgett said.

Blodgett said with Measure 7 under court injunction, cities would have time to analyze the effects of the measure and pass ordinance for the handling of claims with a better idea of what were facing.