Brutus is going to survive, but if the dog hadnt been chained down, his owner is sure he would be long gone, carried away by a huge cougar that attacked him in the backyard.

Jim Sealund said he heard a noise Friday and looked out the back window of his Winchuck River Road home to see a cougar trying to carry his dog away.

I shot him in the rump, and he ran off, Sealund said.

He immediately contacted Brookings-Harbor veterinarian Jeff Tribble, who had patched Brutus up a few years ago when he was hit by a car.

Hes a tough dog, said Tribble, who sewed up the gaping wounds inflicted by the cougars powerful jaws and teeth.

Sealunds next step was to contact Cricket Payton of Wildlife Services, who tracked down the mountain lion after dark Friday and killed it. Paytons dogs later tracked down a second adult male cougar, which he also shot.

Its really unusual to find two adult males in the same area, said Todd Confer, of Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department. Sealunds house is located about five miles up the Winchuck River.

Payton said he is an employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but is partially funded by Oregon Fish and Wildlife.

The big cats, he said, are being spotted in areas they havent been seen in 100 years.

I think Measure 18 should never have been passed, he said. Measure 18 outlawed the hunting season for cougars and using dogs to hunt.

Sealund wanted to permanently remove the cougar because he has a 4-year-old granddaughter who was playing in the yard shortly before his dog was attacked.

Its a human safety concern, Confer said.

Payton explained that he is on the Oregon state response team. He uses four specially bred and trained walker hound dogs to track the big cats.

Weve raised and trained over nine generations (of dogs), he said. They work as a team.

Payton said that being on a chain on a runway saved Brutus from the cougar.

They kill for a living, he said. Theyre predators. And were seeing more and more of these sightings, closer and closer in town.

Paytons advice is: Be aware of your surroundings, dont run, wave your arms and look big, scream and throw rocks.