City and county planners Tuesday considered a proposal for a luxury golf and fishing lodge on the South Bank Chetco River Road.

The Curry County Planning Commission heard the proposal Tuesday and continued the meeting until April 3, in part to give the Brookings Planning Commission a chance to examine the issue and because of questions raised in a letter from the Oregon Department of Wildlife.

Questions posed by Fish and Wildlife included sewage disposal, draining of the parking lot, operation of a boat ramp at the site and protection of riparian vegetation, according to Chuck Nordstrom, Curry County Planning Director.

The Brookings planners on Tuesday gave a unanimous nod to the county in favor of the lodge.

I think this is a very good proposal, said Ted Freeman Jr., planning commission vice chair. This is a very needed facility and a great place to have a lodge.

I concur, said Fred Howe. I believe this is a very needed program.

Member Jim Collis concurred and commission president Richard Gyuro wished the developers a lot of luck.

Tentatively named The Run, the lodge would provide overnight accommodations to the fishing and golfing enthusiasts that enjoy the river and golf courses in Curry County.

According to the presentation by Jeff Wilding, agent for property owners John and Patricia Curry, there is both insufficient and inadequate facilities (in Brookings-Harbor) to accommodate tourists that visit the area.

The lack of deluxe accommodations in the area strongly and negatively impacts the local businesses as well as those who may wish to come to the area to enjoy the golfing and fishing in Brookings, Wilding said.

He said the nearby new Salmon Run Golf Course will attract approximately 30,000 golfers wishing to enjoy golf in Curry County.

Not only will these new accommodations provide these tourists with overnight accommodations but it will also encourage longer stays that will benefit all of the businesses in Brookings-Harbor and Curry County as well, he said.

The site is approximately two miles from Highway 101 up the South Bank Chetco River Road on the river side of the road. Approximately 2.55 acres in size, the site is primarily flat and treeless. The property is within the Brookings Urban Growth Boundary.

The property owner currently has a removal and fill permit and permission from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to proceed with the conditions set forth by Fish and Wildlife and Curry County.

Wilding said the property is in a flood plain and flood plain construction conditions will

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The lodge would be an 18,000 square foot, two-story real log lodge providing 14 sleeping rooms and four large suites as well as a full service restaurant.

Each room would have its own restroom with oversize bath and shower, minimum one king or two double double beds. Some rooms will have private outdoor access.

Amenities would include jacuzzis in all tubs, microwave ovens and mini-bars in each room.

There would be no televisions or telephones in any rooms other than the suites, although there will be outlets that would accommodate telephone, facsimile, data and internet services. Current zoning for the property is Rural Residential Five Acres minimum. Applicants desire to change the zoning to Rural Resort Commercial.

Other facilities exist in this same area that have the same zoning as we are applying for, and are a positive influence not only to the immediate area, but the surrounding Brookings-Harbor and Curry County areas as well, Wilding said.

As we have discussed the availability of services such as water, sewer, fire and the overall accessibility for traffic to the area with the departments in charge of these services, no adverse impacts were found, Wilding said.

In the construction plan summary, Wilding said there will be erosion control and storm water discharge plans drawn and implemented to eliminate any silt from entering the Chetco River.

Silt fencing, hay bales and straw will be used as necessary to prevent turbidity in the Chetco River, Wilding said. All grading and landscape construction will be done in the spring, summer and fall months to avoid rainstorms as much as possible.

Environmental and geologic engineers will examine the property to determine whether any wetlands or waterways exist on the property, Wilding said.

There will be no encroaching on any wetlands or waterways.

Wilding said plans are to increase the canopy of trees and indigenous plants and shrubs within the riparian vegetation boundaries.

The shade will environmental enhance the river front area of the property and aesthetically improve the overall natural landscape. There will be no buildings or construction within the riparian vegetation boundaries.

Wilding said utilities water, electricity and telephones are available across the street from the property.

For waste management, Wilding said, the developers are investigating a recirculating gravel filter, septic or other form on on-site treatment.The firm of T.J. Bossard has agreed to engineer a septic system to accommodate the demands of the facility without any impact to the water quality of the Chetco River, he said.

We realize that as one of the conditions of approval for this comprehensive zone change, we must agree to hook into city services as they are made available to the property, he said.

Curry Transfer and Recycling will be retained to provide weekly service to the facility for refuse disposal, Wilding said.

Refuse will be in a secure facility inaccessible to wildlife and out of visual sight.

Wilding said the site plan, including parking, building locations, setback boundaries, roadways and utilities will be submitted when the building plans are done and the construction permit is applied for.