GOLD BEACH Curry County Commissioner Cheryl Thorp announced her retirement Tuesday effective July 1.

This decision was not an easy one to make, she said, My husband and I have bought a used motor home and we want to travel and learn to play while we are still young enough to enjoy our retirement.

Thorp told The Pilot late Tuesday afternoon that she had some health concerns. Thorp suffers from multiple sclerosis.

She recently traveled to San Francisco for tests. While those tests looked positive, she said she has lost about 7 pounds in two years and her legs have weakened.

She said her doctors told her people with stressful jobs who suffer from the disease often find it stabilizes in retirement.

Thorp said she works long hours because she takes the job seriously. I have to let up some in my life, she said.

Hopefully the voters will understand. I have to listen to my body. I feel like Ive done my public service.

While on the San Francisco trip, Thorp said she and her husband decided to visited Albuquerque, where a used motor home caught their eye.

She said it might be selfish, but she decided to take care of herself and learn to play while she is still young enough to do so. She will turn 58 in November.

Thorp said she wants to find a better candidate to take her place as commissioner.

When a commissioner resigns, the central committee of that commissioners party nominates three candidates, and the other two sitting commissioners choose from among them.

Thorp said she wants to give someone time to prove themselves to the public before the next election. Thorp said among potential Democratic candidates who have already turned her down is former commissioner Peg Reagan.

Thorp said she plans to complete union negotiations and the budget process before she leaves.

She said she will miss all the county employees and the special place that they each hold in her heart.