Population growth in Curry County over the past 10 years was more likely to be in the South County and within the three incorporated cities or Harbor.

Of the countys 1,800 additional residents over the past decade, about 1,400 are in the city of Brookings and the core area of Harbor.

The first Census 2000 reports released for the area last week put the total Curry County population at 21,137 up 9.4 percent over the 1990 figure of 19,327.

The state of Oregons population grew 20.37 percent over the decade, a figure that was exceeded within the cities of Gold Beach and Brookings, as well as the core area of Harbor.

The changes between the 1990 and 2000 census figures include:

City of Brookings: up 23.8 percent.

Brooking census district (including the city): up 17.72 percent.

Core area of Harbor: up 22.35 percent.

Harbor census district total: up 8.12 percent.

Total South County (Brookings and Harbor census districts): up 12.3 percent.

City of Gold Beach: up 22.7 percent.

Gold Beach census district (including city): down .13 percent.

City of Port Orford, up 12.49 percent.

Port Orford census district: up 6.39 percent.

Agness census district: down 2.65 percent.

In recent years, the growth rate in Brookings-Harbor has been an issue in debates over the citys urban growth boundary, wastewater treatment improvements and school system improvements.

The city, for example, used a growth rate projection of 3 percent a year for both the urban growth boundary and the wastewater plant planning. But, adds city planner John Bischoff, those were figures based on 30 years worth of data, not just the latest 10-year changes.

Total populations reported by the 2000 Census last week included:

Curry County: 21,127

Brookings city: 5,447

Brookings census district (including city): 8,495

Harbor core: 2,622

Harbor census district (including core): 4,833

Gold Beach city: 1,897

Gold Beach census district (including city): 4,754

Agness census district: 110

Port Orford city: 1,153

Port Orford census district (including city): 2,945