This weeks double murder of Edward and Dorothy Hoenshell has left the Brookings-Harbor community reeling.

But who were the couple? And what was their relationship with Gregory Hoenshell, who is being questioned in the case.

Friends and family say the couple kept to themselves, but were dedicated to their family.

They were very family oriented, said Brookings resident Eldon Gossett, a 13-year family friend and the couples real estate agent.

They were very supportive, especially of their grandchildren, Gossett told The Pilot.

He was referring to Gregory Hoenshell, 21, who was last living in Crescent City, and his step-brother Jeremy Hoenshell, who is living in Portland.

According to surviving family members, Gregory and Hoenshell were raised by their grandparents since the age of 2 and 3.

Ed and Dorothy Hoenshell had legally adopted the two boys, Gossett said.

They basically raised the boys as their own sons, he said. The boys both wrestled at Brookings-Harbor High School and Ed and Dorothy were at almost every game.

Another family friend, John Doering said the couples love for their family was unfaltering.

Its a horrible thing to happen to them, Doering said, who use to own Rubios Mexican Restaurant with Eileen Gordon. Eileen is married to John Gordon, Dorothys son.

Doering said Ed was like his right-hand man when it came to fixing things at the restaurant.

I called him day or night and hed come down, no problem, he said.

Dorothy was a dynamo, he added. She was always bringing little gifts to people. We liked to call her Grandma Rubio.

Abigail Estelle, Dorothy Hoenshells daughter, said the couple had been trying to sell their Fourth Street home to move to a sister in the Grants Pass area.

However, she said the couple had recently decided not to move there, and instead wanted to sell their house and find a smaller one in Brookings-Harbor.

Gossett said the couple moved from Lancaster, Ca., 12 years ago to retire in Brookings-Oregon. The couple, he said, spent most of their time caring for grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He was particularly fond of Ed Hoenshell. Ed was always a hero of mine. He was a marine in the Pacific during WWII and in Korea, and he always had great stories to tell.

He added, Dorothy was one of the sweetest women around.