Students applied art, math and science lessons as they prepared for the first Kalmiopsis Elementary School kite festival.

Third graders, along with a fourth grade class from the school, gathered at Elmer Bankus Football Field Tuesday afternoon to fly their creations.

Wind for the afternoon was intermittent, but didnt seem to bother the students, who because of rain endured postponement of the event.

The tetrahedron kites were made in the classroom nearly two weeks ago from plastic drinking straws, string, glue and colorful tissue paper.

Lets give a round of applause to Mrs. (Marion) Carrillo for coming up with the idea, Kalmiopsis Principal Chris McKay told students.

Head school custodian Denise Gardner, custodian Sue Synder and Vern Miller served as judges for the acitivity.

You guys were all wonderful. Your kites looked great. You all did a really good job, Gardener said as the judges prepared to announce the winners.

The judges visited each class and quizzed the students about kites and kite flying to decide the best knowledge award, won by Jeanette Richardsons students.

Carol Sackmans fourth grade class earned a ribbon for participation.

Tyler Morales was the afternoons big winner. He took the largest kite award and won for having the highest flying big kite.

Kla Kennedy came away with the longest in the air honor, while Lindsey Campbells kite flew the highest.

Most colorful kite award went to Michelle Carrillo. Brian Edel won for best style, while Stephanie Gardner had best design.

Each judge also chose three additional winners who were given small kites for their efforts.

Two commercial kites were donated as prizes by Playful Affaire toy store. Ribbons were also donated by TL Productions.