More than $168,000 in scholarships for students of Brookings-Harbor High School were announced Tuesday at a reception for students and donors of the Brookings-Harbor Scholarship Foundation.

It has been one of the highlights of my career, to see that people are supporting our students, said high school counselor Betty Gailband. Brookings-Harbor has had the foresight to see ahead and help its young people.

A member of the foundation board since it was founded in 1992, Gailband is retiring this year and moving to Idaho.

Foundation President John Babin praised Gailband for her very valuable role in the foundation efforts.

Donations in the name of Gailbands sister Pat Moscrip, who died this year, helped the foundation to provide aid to every student of the Class of 2001 who applied.

But foundation members said the total fell short of what was needed to help every former graduate who applied. Only 14 of more than 50 former graduates who applied received aid.

We need more money; we want more money, Gailband told the reception crowd. Even $10 makes a difference. Never feel that a donation might be too small.

A special fund has been created to pool the donations in honor of pioneer families from the area. The Pioneer Citizens Trust already has a $10,000 donation in memory of Ed and Neva Thornton, according to foundation treasurer Clar Byers.

Byers also introduced a special donation from Luke Thornton of Graff Gymnastics a Sony Vaio laptop computer. Drawing from a basket of names of all the graduating seniors who received scholarships, the computer went to KayLee Kocher.

The scholarships awarded Tuesday, the winners and the amounts included:

Brookings-Harbor Student Body Scholarship; Kelli Carpenter, $2,000.

John Atkins Scholarships; Tosca Braun, $7,500; Rachel Brewer, $7,500; Jason Caster, $7,500; Jane Darbyshire, $4,500; Kristina Hensley, $4,500; Kimberly Kerr, $4,500; Elaine Prevenas, $4,500; Allison Towers, $7,500.

Mabelle George Scholarships; T.J. Axel, $2,500; Alyssa Babin, $2,500; Miranda Breen, $2,500; Susan Campbell, $2,500; Jessica Carrillo, $2,500; Ann Ferry, $5,000; Josh Handsaker, $2,500; Cheryl Hargrove, $5,000; Toby Hargrove, $2,500; KayLee Kocher, $2,500; Conan Patterson, $2,500; Erin Sullivan, $5,000; Kira Tantare, $2,500; Andrea Eide, $5,000; Sheralee Hanscam, $5,000; Neil Itzen, $5,000; Sarah Ames, $2,500; Mary Ball, $2,500; Dusty Bodman, $2,500; Jacob Kalina, $2,500; Christine Kerr, $2,500; Erika Mendenhall, $2,500; Clinton Weichers, $2,500; Jason Young, $2,500; Jon Wellenbrock, $2,500; James Sowell, $2,500.

Dr. Edmonde G. Samuel Memorial Scholarship; Tiffany Wales, $1,000.

Rays Food Place Scholarships; Kevin Van Hoesen, Mia Zepeda, $1,000 each.

Pat Moscrip Memorial Scholarships; Prisca Callison, Duane Grundy, Tyler Purdue, Tarinn Smith, all $250 each.

Physicians of Sutter Coast Scholarship; Emily Taylor, $1,000.

Beatrice Allinger Scholarships; Jolene Brackett, Ben Frizzle, $2,000 each.

Chetco Federal Credit Union Scholarship; Michael Tyler, $1,000.

Tom Abbott Memorial Scholarship; Shaun Bavaro, $1,000.

Family Security Bank Scholarships; Duane Grundy, Tyler Purdue, $500 each.

Bankus Trust Scholarships; Chelsie Dusky, Sarah Timeus, $4,000 each.

Kurle-Waite Scholarships; Tera Beem, Elizabeth Kroy, Erin Nelson, $2,000 each.

Tisdale Trust Scholarship; Steve Struck, $4,800.

Curry County Title Scholarship; Matt Dillenburg, $750.

Leroy Weideman Scholarship; Henry Hermansen, $1,000.

Ed Olsen Memorial Scholarship; Rebecca Mikkelsen, $250.

Brookings-Harbor Scholarship Foundation; Prisca Callison, Rebecca Mikkelsen, Tarinn Smith, $500 each.

George G. Darling Scholarship; Josh Friar, $1,500.

Sutter Coast Hospital; Amanda Ingram, $1,000.

Dick and Mary OHolleran; Lief Appanaitis, $1,000.