Youngsters involved in 4-H presented 37 animals in the junior livestock auction Saturday at the Curry County Fair and Rodeo, raising $27,424.

Top price for any animal went for a bovine that sold for $5,052 to Brookings-Harbor Ford. The 1,263-pound bull, which was rasied by Blair Jones of Brookings, went for $4 a pound, which was the highest per-pound bid of the afternoon.

The other two cattle brought in the second and third highest amounts. A 1,049-pound beef presented by Tony Thomas was purchased by Grant?s Pancake House for $3,147, and a 1,025-pound beef presented by Shawn Lang sold for 3,075 to Brookings Harbor Medical Center.

Auctioneers were John Guynup and Hank Potter. The fast-talking auctioneers entertained the crowd, sometimes starting bidding at an outrageously high amount.

While Potter was calling for bids, Guynup held his hand out toward a bidder as though casting a spell to get the person to go higher. Some spectators refused to wave to friends for fear of being counted.

One boy, who came with his parents in the middle of the event learned a close-call lesson about auctions. When Guynup received a $1.75 bid for a lamb, he was calling for $2. The boy raised his hand, possibly not realizing the price was per pound, bringing red faces to his parents.

Guynup began calling for $2.25 while the parents appeared to hope someone would make a bid. It didn?t happen. Fortunately, Guynup, seeing the parents? embarrassement, called the lamb sold for $1.75 to the person who bid before the boy?s bid.

Prior to animals going on the auction block, seven gift baskets were auctioned to raise money for roof repairs for the livestock pavillion. For the fair, black plastic was in place to provide a temporary roof.

A total of $605 was raised for the repairs, which are estimated to cost $25,000, the auctioneers said at the event.

Businesses contributing gift baskets included Words and Pictures, Cagey Janes, Chetco Pharmacy and Gifts, All About You, Town and Country Animal Clinic, and Blockbuster Video of Brookings-Harbor, and Currydale Farms in Langlois.

Most of the animals were cooperative, however, a few hogs seemed to enjoy running the pen and refused to be corraled.

Twins Kyle and Quinn Johnston, 8, of Agness, were small in stature and needed assistance holding onto their animals. Kyle seemed to be hugging his lamb as though bidding farewell, whereas Quinn seemed eager to get rid of his hog, which put on a show of fiestiness.

Kyle?s lamb was sold to Fitzgerald Ranch for $4 a pound, amounting to $556. Quinn?s hog sold for $2.75 a pound, amounting to $655. It was sold to Leo Wright.

The only animals that were sold at this year?s auction were lambs, cattle and hogs. The only exception were 13 pounds of rabbits, which sold for $52, raised by Will Price, and a goat offered by Alicia Ericson, which sold for $1.25, amounting to $69.

Livestock participants also included:

Lambs ? David Dickerson, Jessica Carrillo, Nicole Sullivan, Ava Moses, Sean Roberts, Johnny Waller, Kyle Martindale, Sarah Dickerson, John Swenson, Hannah Swenson, Rachel Carrillo, Peter Swenson, Melissa Moses, Zane Martindale, Michelle Carrillo, Shilo McKenzie, Emy Guynup and Jake Guynup.

Hogs ? Sean Roberts, Mark Legat, Michelle Carrillo, Rachel Carrillo, David Dickerson, Emily Whaley, Jessica Carrillo, Kevin Waller, Andrew Davee, Jennifer Legat and Joshua Davee.