GOLD BEACH Fee hikes for several Curry County departments were approved this week by the county commissioners.

Increased fees for the Road Department, the Public Health Department, the Home Health/Hospice Department, and sex-offender treatment were all approved.

The fee schedule for facility permits for the Road Department had not changed since 1998.

The new schedule was proposed by the roadmaster to cover increased costs of doing business, such as materials and supplies, labor, and capital costs.

A driveway/road approach permit would rise $10 to cost $85, while a road encroachment permit would rise $20 to cost $210. A special permit would rise $5 to cost $30.Major and minor road improvement permits and utility permits will remain free.

A new fee schedule for the Public Health Department was also approved.

The fees for that department had not been updated since 1998 and 1999.

The schedule covers everything from office visits to immunizations and medications. A separate schedule for license fees for restaurants, pools, lodging, day-care and water systems was also approved.

The Community Corrections Divisions fee of $125 a month for its sex offender treatment program was approved.

A new formula for setting fees was also approved for the Home Health/Hospice Department, which bases its fees on Medicare reimbursement rates which are adjusted quarterly.