The Port of Brookings Harbors plan to have a new marine fueling station up and running by the end of October is being delayed by red tape.

On Monday, Port Manager Russ Crabtree said he hopes to have permit issues with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers resolved before the end of the month. Until then, Crabtree said the project is on hold.

We are staged and ready to go, he said, but we are on hold until we have the permits that will allow us to proceed with the project.

We really need to have the station operational before the crabbing season opens on Dec. 1. I still am hoping we can be operational by Thanksgiving, he said. The project may not be complete by that date, but hopefully operational.

Crabtree expects to have the necessary permits in hand from the corps after a meeting with National Marine Fisheries representatives Oct. 22.

The project is also waiting for final approval from the Oregon state fire marshal, but that review process is well under way, and Crabtree said he doesnt expect any problems meeting the states fire safety requirements.

Once the permits are issued, port staff will begin driving pilings, installing adjacent docks and building landings in anticipation of the arrival of the actual fueling dock, Crabtree said.

Bellingham (Wash.) Marine has been contracted to construct the fueling dock, but cant move forward until all the projects specifications are finalized in the corps permits.

Crabtree said it would be about 30 days from the issuance of the permits before the fuel dock would be completed and ready to transport to the port.