GOLD BEACH The Curry County Commissioners approved a request Monday to contribute $20,700 in state economic development funds to two projects.

The request came from the Curry County Economic Improvement Board.

The first request was for $700 for the Gold Beach 2010 Committee to fund a presentation by an Urban Renewal expert. The information will be shared with other interested Curry County entities.

The second request was for $20,000 to help staff the new Curry Economic Development Alliance Corporation.

Board chairman Ed McQuade said, andquot;Discussions by board members and presenters clearly indicated that both projects would contribute to Curry County's economy in the future.andquot;

The commissioners unanimously approved the project. Commissioner Marlyn Schafer is also a member of the Economic Improvement Board and the Curry Economic Development Alliance Corporation.

On the subject of urban renewal, Schafer said the state added the project to the county's needs and issues inventory, which was unusual because the state forbids late additions. She said funding is available from the U.S. Forest Service for the project.