Twelve days and some 300-plus miles after starting a patriotic walk in Portland, Elle Milner reached Brookings Friday carrying a large American flag.

On Saturday, two Brookings firefighters took up Milners cause, carrying the flag proudly from Lone Ranch Beach into the city on Highway 101. They were joined by Brookings Fire Chief Bill Sharp, Police Officer Gerry Kessler and several ambassadors of the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

Led by the chiefs fire truck and followed by several cars and a patrol car with flashing lights, Milner and firefighters Scott Barbour and Jason Dimmick walked into downtown Brookings at about 9:30 a.m. They were greeted by motorists honking their horns.

Milner began her nationwide walk, called The Patriot Line, Jan. 1 as an expression of patriotism she felt after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. She plans to deliver the American flag to New York City by Memorial Day.

The response has been incredible, Milner said.

She said she isnt doing a majority of the walking, but coordinates with the various volunteers to walk specific distances.

Im looking to form a procession in every city we go through, Milner said. Ive gotten the biggest turnout from fire departments, police departments and groups like the Boy Scouts, Elks and American Legion.

Milner said people have been waiting for something like this.

Theyve done things locally, but were looking for a way to participate nationally, she said. I get e-mails from people telling me that they are keeping track of the flag.

Milner said the line will continue south to Los Angeles and then cut across the southern states to reach New York.

Progress of The Patriot Line can be viewed on Milners Web site: http:/