The new gas station at the Port of Brookings Harbor should be open by May 1, said Port Manager Russ Crabtree Thursday.

He told members of the ports Fisheries Committee that the $800,000 project is ready to roll.

The station will have pumps for both marine and highway use. Port roads will be redesigned for easy access to the station.

Crabtree said he will clearly post the retail, wholesale, shipping and tax rates for gas so customers can see the true costs for each gallon.

He said at todays wholesale price, the port could sell regular unleaded for less than $1.20 a gallon.

Crabtree said the fire marshal was scheduled to inspect the project last week. He will submit the project to the port commissioners at this weeks meeting.

Other new port projects include a cold storage facility that will allow local commercial fishermen to harvest types of fish that have to be frozen quickly.

Crabtree said the port should receive the $1.7 million grant award for the project this week. He is targeting August for the completion date.

He said the next step will be to select an engineer and design for the facility, with advice from the commercial fishing industry.

Another port project is a new service and repair dock. Crabtree called it a total redevelopment to support our fleet.

Commercial fisherman Mike Griffith complimented Crabtree on the employee he hired to run the ports hoist.

Crabtree said the ports staff has years of expertise that make all the improvements possible.

Commercial fisherman Pete McHenry said, A lot of us are looking at the value-added process, but we need the infrastructure.

Crabtree said if the port is able to procure the old Eureka Fisheries property, it will seek the advice of the fishing industry in building a new facility.

Committee Vice Chairman Roger Thompson said the port brings in about $3 million to the community from the Chinook salmon season alone.

Fisherman Jim Welter said, The port is the crown jewel in this area.