Students at Brookings-Harbor High School performed Wednesday for a packed house at the annual talent show.

The show, sponsored by the sophomore class, opened with an a cappella performance of ?Amazing Grace? by Daril Cuthbertson.

Next, country music singer Tim McGraw took the stage in the form of seniors Tony Arneson and Zack Chapman performing McGraw?s hit ?Something Like That.?

Chapman had McGraw?s look copied down to the ?Faith? tattoo on his right arm, and his black cowboy hat. Arneson wore a white T-shirt with a barbecue stain, which portrayed the chorus of the song ?I had a barbecue stain on my white T-shirt ??

Andrew Rosenberg was an apparent crowd pleaser when he portrayed the woman in a mini-skirt who is also mentioned in the song.

The singers were followed by dancers Michelle Fugere, Andrea Green, Alishea Fleshman and Jessica Brackett performing a dance routine to a song from the group ?Mary, Mary.?

They were followed by rap singers S.P. Swick, Darci Elsmore and Gordo Larios performing a rap song written by the trio.

The next act diverged from singing and dancing. Matt McVay and Josh Michlitsch performed a comedy routine they had written.

McVay addressed the recent Winter Olympics by asking why curling is an Olympic sport. Curling involves two people sweeping in front of a large stone.

?What?s the training for that? Three years of janitorial service?? McVay said.

The comedy duo was followed by a blast from the past with Stewart Riddle performing two Elvis songs ?All Shook Up? and ?I Can?t Help Falling in Love With You.?

Riddle included Elvis? signature pelvic thrusts and at one point during the second song, he approached the judges and sang directly to them.

?Elvis? was followed by Chrissy Cooper performing a dance routine she choreographed to an Alanis Morissette song.

Chrissy?s performance was the last judged act. While the points were being tallied, the audience was entertained with Tony and Zack singing Kenny Chesney?s song ?She Thinks My Tractor?s Sexy.? They were followed by Lauren Johns singing Whitney Houston?s version of ?I Will Always Love You.?

The show closed with a polka number by teachers Diane Kinney, Kristie Kleespies, Kristi Fulton and Kathy McKee. Perry Kleespies accompanied the group on the accordion.

The song was titled ?Teachers Who Don?t Do Anything,? and was a remix of ?Pirates Who Don?t Do Anything,? a Veggie Tales song. The performance was dedicated to teacher Lynda McDonald, who had written the words before she passed away in February.

The acts were judged by Karen Kerr; Patty Herring; John Watterson, youth pastor of Calvary Assembly of God; Bill Ferry, school board member; and Kevin Bane, KURY Radio.

In the end, Elvis, two comedians and a dancer were declared the winners.

Stewart?s Elvis performance garnered him first place and a $50 Fred Meyer gift certificate. Matt and Josh won second place and a $25 Fred Meyer gift certificate, and Chrissy?s original dance routine took home third place and a $15 Fred Meyer gift certificate.