A Brookings resident filed a petition with the Curry County Clerk Monday to recall Brookings-Harbor School Board member Mary Anderson.

Anderson said the recall is without merit, but Dominic J. Taurone, who filed the petition, said he based it on a real estate-related court action against Anderson in April 2000.

The Pilot received a copy of that court document, which states that Andersons real estate property management license was revoked by the Oregon Real Estate Commission for various violations.

The violations included managing property without a license and poor bookkeeping practices such as co-mingling of business and personal funds, resulting in bounced checks for clients.

Taurone told The Pilot that one has to wonder if Ms. Anderson should be setting policy for and directing the education of our children, while making judgments on the disbursing of a multi-million dollar school budget.

Anderson told The Pilot that what happened to her two years ago has no bearing on her duties as a school board member.

At that time and at this time the loss of my business had nor does it have any bearing to my position on the board, she said. I feel like Im being threatened.

She said the revocation of her license was not a criminal matter. I was never fined and I didnt go to jail. They pulled my license for co-mingling.

Anderson said she has received advice from an official with the Oregon School Board Association on how to handle the situation.

The OSBA is standing behind me and I think good will triumph over bad, she said.

Anderson has approximately one year left in her four-year term as board member.

Curry County Clerk Renee Kolen on Tuesday said she has approved the recall petition for circulation. Her office serves only as a conduit to the process and is not responsible for the validity of the recall.

Taurone has 90 days starting Monday to gather at least 758 signatures, which is 15 percent of the total number of registered voters in the district who voted in the last gubernatorial election.

Once the signatures are turned in, Kolen will have 10 days to verify them. If 758 signatures are found legitimate, Anderson will be notified of the recall and she will have five days to resign or submit a 200-word rebuttal.

If Anderson submits a rebuttal, Kolen will be required to schedule a special election within 35 days. The ballot will include 200-word statements from Taurone and Anderson.

The school district, Kolen said, will bear the cost of the election.

Kolen, who has been the county clerk for nearly 17 years, said recalls in Curry County are rare.