Pilot stories and photos

by Andrea Barkan

Tean catches eye of peers

When Jacob Fausett was 8, his mom put a camcorder in his hands.

Fausett, now 15, quickly started making mini movies - and hasn't stopped yet.

andquot;He just started making movies left and right,andquot; mom Shelly Woods said.

Now he uses a Digital Blue digital camcorder to capture his slice-of-life vignettes.

Fausett's friends, family and pets wind up in many of his movies, which are usually about three to five minutes long.

andquot;I make it more exciting by adding effects,andquot; he said.

He uses accompanying software to manipulate his material, adding graphics, sound and editing on his home computer.

Now Fausett wants to explore other cameras and software, and hopes the burgeoning Brookings-Harbor Youth Association Camera Club will help him do just that.

andquot;I just want to experiment with everything,andquot; Fausett said. andquot;I really want to create video games when I grow up.andquot;

Fausett and Dennis Knauert, an association board member, collaborated and came up with the idea for the camera club.

The association will hold sign-ups for the camera club and a girls junior tennis program from 10 a.m. to noon today (March 27) at Chetco Community Public Library.

Board Member Kathy Viola co-owns Photography Unplugged, one of the camera club's local sponsors.

andquot;Right now, the imaging industry ? is booming,andquot; Viola said.

She hopes the club will help youth develop photography and film-making skills.

The association has funding and the community has a need. What's missing is expertise, Viola said.

andquot;We want the adults in the community to come forward,andquot; she said. andquot;Whatever is your specialty, bring it forward and let's get a group of interested kids to educate.andquot;

Fausett is one example of a teen who, perhaps with guidance from an experienced adult, could take his creations to the next level.

andquot;He could use a mentor,andquot; Woods said. andquot;We were hoping there would be retired folks who've been in the industry ? who would be interested in (educating) him.andquot;

Youngsters share hopes for community

An oversized andquot;Teen Wish Listandquot; sits on a wall at the Brookings-Harbor High School library, filled with specific examples of how local teens want to expand their community.

andquot;BMX track, swim team, batting cages, voice lessons, dance studio and nature clubandquot; are just a few of the wishes library tech Simmie Jones collected when she surveyed every English 9 class almost a month ago.

andquot;Every one of these is their idea,andquot; Jones said about the list.

Jones shared the survey with Brookings-Harbor Youth Association board members, who are gathering input from youth about clubs and programs they'd like to see start up in Brookings-Harbor.

andquot;They want this to be a kid oriented thing,andquot; Jones said of association board members.

Jones said it became obvious at a recent meeting that the best way to know what kids want is to ask them.

So she made the survey available in the school library and took it into ninth-grade English classes.

Scott Jones, association board president, said Alternative Youth Activities students completed the same survey. Their interests were consistent with Brookings-Harbor High students, he said.

Simmie Jones, who is also the junior class advisor, encouraged students to get involved with the association.

andquot;If you really want this to happen, come to the meetings,andquot; Jones told students.

andquot;Show them your passion, show them your excitement, present your case,andquot; she said.

An outdoor paintball course got the most wishes. A swim team also elicited interest.

andquot;One of the girls is really passionate about all-year basketball,andquot; Jones said.

Jones raised three of her five children in Brookings-Harbor, and knows from experience that local youth need more extracurricular opportunities.

andquot;For a long time, the big thing was to go up river and party,andquot; she said.

andquot;I want them to have some other options,andquot; Jones said.

She said getting community members involved is paramount to making the wishes come to life.

andquot;We desperately need the community involved in this,andquot; Jones said. andquot;If everybody contributes something ? then it can be done.andquot;

Board member Bill Ferry said exposing a child to a particular hobby or occupation could open doors to a world they might not discover otherwise.

andquot;It's one more opportunity to open their eyes to what might be out there in the world,andquot; Ferry said.

It takes experienced people to open those doors.

Besides, he added, long ago somebody taught today's teachers what they now know.

andquot;With so many paths to take, they had to have somebody light a spark,andquot; Ferry said.

andquot;If we don't give back what we were given then it's lost,andquot; he said.

To contact Brookings-Harbor Youth Association, call (541) 661-2992.