Pilot story and photos by Bill Schlichting

Sea Breeze, the Brookings-Harbor High School jazz choir, sang its final concert of the year Wednesday and Thursday nights in the high school auditorium.

The concert, known as Sea Breeze Revue, featured the full choir opening with andquot;It Don't Mean a Thing,andquot; and closing with the traditional andquot;Happy Trails,andquot; which included alumni members who were invited onto the stage.

Following the full group singing andquot;The Shadow of Your Smile,andquot; featuring a solo by Diana Hall, Debra Hirjak-Hunt sang andquot;Feverandquot; accompanied by Shawn Aguirre on alto saxophone.

Also accompanying the choir and most soloists were Jerry Moffit on piano, Alyssa McClelland-Bane on bass guitar and Keith Wallin on drums.

The concert continued with five more soloists, including Nick Troendle, andquot;A World Without Loveandquot;; Jennifer Trailor, andquot;Can't Keep My Eyes Off of Youandquot;; Heather Robinson, andquot;The Roseandquot;; Jessie Fairchild singing Jim Croce's andquot;I Have to Say I Love Youandquot;; and Andrew Rosenburg, andquot;If You Want Me to Stay.andquot;

On Wednesday night, after Sam Sprague played guitar and sang andquot;You Belong to Me,andquot; accompanied by guitarist Phil Luna, the audience learned it was Sprague's birthday and sang to him.

Travis Alcorn caused laughter in the audience when he appeared on stage wearing a long jacket and shoes attached to his knees, making him shorter than his diminutive size. In his outfit, he sang andquot;Short People.andquot;

The Hi Seas Quartet, comprised of Rosenberg, Troendle, Sprague and Daniel Rufener sang andquot;Doo-Wop Medley,andquot; which included a solo by Moffit on andquot;Still of the Night.andquot;

The choir closed the first half with andquot;Good-Bye Love.andquot; It opened the second half with andquot;Good Vibrationsandquot; featuring a solo by Troendle and andquot;My Girl.andquot;

Lauren Johns sang andquot;My Immortal,andquot; followed by a comedy act in song by Jessie Fairchild and Stewart Riddle singing, andquot;Anything You Can Do.andquot;

Sprague sang andquot;Crystal Shipandquot; followed by andquot;Wacky Scatandquot; performed by Rufener, Alcorn and Troendle.

Dressed as a man with makeup to simulate a mustache, Hirjak-Hunt joined Daril Cuthbertson in singing andquot;Hit the Road, Jack.andquot; This was followed by Troendle singing andquot;No One Believes In Me Anymore (Satan's Boast.andquot;)

andquot;The Summer Windandquot; was performed by Riddle followed by the male members of the choir singing andquot;Big Girls Don't Cry.andquot; Then the full choir sang andquot;Rock Medley,andquot; which included Moffit performing solo on andquot;Strawberry Hill.andquot;