Theater Review and Photos


Spine-tingling chills and heart-racing thrills await anyone who dares enter the former Performing Arts Center in the Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center.

When the Chetco Pelican Players performed there, thespians rehearsing late at night would often say they heard strange noises coming from the bowels of the building.

Since the Chetco Pelican Players left the building at the end of last year, the space has sat idle, collecting cobwebs and leaving the ghosts with no one to haunt.

Many nooks and crannies can be found in the odd-shaped building. Corridors exist that take people back where they started.

Four nights remain to learn the horror that is being unleashed inside what once was a theater full of life that is now a dungeon filled with death.

The public is welcome between 6 and 11 p.m. Friday through Monday, Oct. 28-31. It costs $7 a head to enter. Whether people leave with their head attached remains to be seen.

Count Dracula awaits at the entrance, ushering people into the dark foyer, closing the door behind them, leaving no escape.

Visitors are led through the corridors, up and down steps, meeting whatever may await.

When I went through the haunted house, titled andquot;A Night at the Asylum,andquot; women screamed. I found it quite entertaining. Yet, I had trouble sleeping that night. I would not recommend this show for young children.

Yes, it is all acting. I went through it twice and still didn't capture all the action.

Of course, I'm not going to say what to expect. The only plot is to scare.

People are escorted in small groups through the maze of corridors. Because of the acts, only one group is taken at a time.

I strongly recommend visitors stay near the escorts. People who wander may not come out alive. Plus, visitors might miss a horrifying skit. I missed two skits both times. I need to go back. People who go through the show will also say the same.

At the end of the corridor of horror, refreshments, candies and Claire Willard's delightful chili awaits.

A review cannot go without mentioning the fantastic acting by the thespians who came from Brookings and Crescent City - many of whom are young people.

Because many of the actors are teens, they should see the show just to see if they can spot their peers. It won't be easy to know who they are because of the great make-up and disguises.

It's a show not to be missed - for those who have the guts. I'm told different acts are planned.

One word of advice: Those attending should always look over their shoulder.