Update posted on Saturday, Nov. 2

See the October Tri City Bridge Club results attached.

Previous Pilot coverage posted on Oct. 7

Organizers of the Tri City Bridge Club in Brookings say the game can keep your mind sharp.

Member Jack Grasham said the club formed about 25 years ago after three smaller clubs - from Gold Beach, Crescent City and Brookings - joined to provide a larger, more competitive game.

To promote the card game to new residents, the club has sent out letters reading, in part, that bridge is a timeless game for all ages and skill levels, from first-timers to the well-seasoned.

“The game is social, entertaining, challenging, engaging, and of course fun. Bridge brings a diverse group of players to the game. A few well-known bridge players are Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Phyllis Diller, Bill Gates, George Burns, Omar Sharif, Martina Navratilova, Gandhi, President Eisenhower and James Bond,” according to the club’s letter.

“Every hand we play offers a different challenge or puzzle for us to solve,” Grasham said.

Duplicate bridge, the game offered through the club, is similar to other popular card games, such as hearts, spades and pinochle, said Grasham. “The biggest difference is that you can compare the way you play a hand to how others played the same hand,” he said.

Grasham said the game also gives participants the opportunity to meet and play with people from different backgrounds and different parts of the country.

“We also regularly have visitors playing at the club who are in Brookings for a few days or weeks,” he said. “Many of us also play at tournaments that take place around the country. If you play at a tournament, you can play against others with your same level of experience. If you choose, you can also play against some of the best players in the world.”

The Tri City Bridge Club is holding a new series of classes beginning Oct. 13. Everyone is welcome. “We supply everything you need to explore becoming a bridge player,” said Grasham - lesson book, teachers and snacks.

“The game is fun, social, challenging and entertaining. Our past classes have been so successful, we now have two games a month strictly for newcomers, in addition to our twice-weekly games at the Chetco Activity Center.”

For more information, call 541-813-1545. The new beginner classes start at 1 p.m. Oct. 13 at the center, 550 Chetco Lane in Brookings.


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