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Jessie Shacford, 5, in red, and his brother Jayce Shacford, 8, watch as volunteer Dana Miller gives “Sofhie,” the family dog, a bath during the Wild Rivers Animal Rescue’s dog washing July 20 in Gold Beach.     

They rolled up their sleeves and began washing the dogs.

The “Wild Rivers Animal Rescue Dog Washing” was scheduled to raise much-needed funds and provide valuable services to the community.  

The nonprofit’s most-recent dog washing took place July 20 in Gold Beach, and marked what organizers called another successful monthly dog wash for the team of four volunteers.  

Dog washes are held at the shelter, 29921 Airport Way in Gold Beach, on the third Saturday of every month. The next one is planned for 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Aug. 17.  

Prices are $10 for small dogs, $15 for medium sizes, and $20 for large dogs. Nail trims are provided for $5.

Debbie Day of Gold Beach has been bringing her two dogs to the shelter for monthly baths for several years. She said she’s happy to be contributing to a good cause … and appreciates a break from bathing the animals herself.  

“It is much easier for Dana to bathe him than me,” she said.  

The “him” she was referring to was her gigantic wolfhound, Ben. Big Ben is about the size of a small horse.

Long-time volunteer dog washer and professional windsurfer Dana Miller said he’s glad to be of service. He said he felt compelled to help out when he first heard of the dog wash about eight years ago.  

On average, Miller the pro washer lends a hand with 25 to 30 dogs during each event, but said he has bathed as many as 40 dogs in a single day.  

Miller admits wishing a dog can be challenging, but definitely worth it. “You get as much as you give,” he said.

In addition to dog washes, community members can also take advantage of a monthly wellness clinic. The clinic provides low-cost vaccinations, as well as nail trims.  

Wild Rivers Animal Shelter board member Penny Hudgens said the regular events have been an important part of the rescue shelter’s revenue stream for many years. She said she’s grateful for both the community’s participation and the devoted volunteers.  

She gave a special nod to the roughly 20 to 30 volunteers who help keep the no-kill shelter running smoothly. “We wouldn’t be able to operate without our supporters.”  

Right now, the shelter is attempting to raise additional funds for a new roof and a commercial dryer at the facility.  A GoFundMe page will be available within the next couple of weeks through the shelter’s Facebook page.  

In addition to the dog washes and wellness clinics, the organization will be hosting a golf tournament at Cedar Bend Golf Course in Gold Beach on Oct. 9.  

For more information, call 541-247-2514.


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