Jayati Ramakrishnan

The Bell and Whistle Coffee House, located at the Port of Brookings Harbor, has been sold again, the second transition of ownership for the port coffee shop in the past year.

The new owner, Misty Crawford, has retained many of the shop’s employees and looks forward to implementing some new ideas.

“I’m excited,” Crawford said. “We have big plans, but I’d also like to further what they’re doing.”

Former owners Alice and Travis Sandusky, who purchased the shop from the Port of Brookings Harbor in March, said they had enjoyed owning the shop and that the business was going well, but felt they didn’t have sufficient time to devote to the business with their other endeavors.

“We invested a tremendous amount of time, money and energy to bring it to a standard that was befitting its remarkable location,” Travis said. “Alice and I hold full-time jobs, though, and to maintain the business at the level we felt it required proved to be too much for us to handle, so we made the decision to sell.”

Crawford, a longtime patron of the shop, said she would like to maintain the clean, inviting atmosphere, and showcase the work of local artists at the shop. She also hopes to add some more food options to the menu.

“There’s food at the port, but we’d like to add some healthier options,” she said.

On Thursday — Crawford’s first day as owner — the shop served sandwiches for the first time, and Crawford hopes to add more items, like quiche, on the weekends.

Crawford has lived in the area for four years.

“We moved from Reno to be closer to my husband’s parents. The first time we saw Brookings, we fell in love,” she said.

After working in the medical field for most of her life — including managing physical therapy clinics in Brookings and Gold Beach — Crawford looks forward to taking on a new challenge.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how supportive the community has been,” she said. “We’ve got a great crew. Our regular customers are excited.”