When people do not have dental insurance or the money to pay for dental work, they can suffer in silence as their dental problems grow worse, said Brookings dentist Brice Chang.

So he set about doing something about it.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, Change his crew at Brookings Dental Arts held its second annual Volunteer Day. They provided $5,000 worth of free dental work to people in need.

“I have seen dental issues ruin people’s quality of life,” said Chang, DDS and owner of Brookings Dental Arts and Family Dentistry of Gold Beach. “Our annual Volunteer Day helps people take charge of their dental health.”

For years, Brookings Dental Arts provided pro bono dental work to people in need that were referred to the clinic. To be able to reach even more people, last year Brookings Dental Arts opened its clinic for the first Volunteer Day. To date, Brookings Dental Arts has provided $17,000 worth of free dental work through its annual Volunteer Day.

The Volunteer Day was open to residents of Brookings, Gold Beach and Crescent City. The goal, Chang said, was to help as many people as possible that had the most urgent needs.

Chang and his staff saw patients on a first-come first-served basis. They extracted teeth, did fillings and provided basic teeth cleanings.

Brookings Dental Arts will announce details about the 2017 Volunteer Day in an upcoming edition of the clinic’s free quarterly newsletter. For more information about Brookings Dental Arts visit www.BrookingsDentalArts.com or call 541-469-0192.