Moral vacuum being taught in schools

The present is the beginning of history for our youth. Let that sink in. My … Read more

Many people are one check away from homelessness

In the land of heaven or the gene pool or the maternity ward, my family … Read more

Silly loves songs make world go round

I was cruising down the highway and singing along to a love song on the … Read more

Cows on the road to Margaritaville

I live in a rural area where it’s common to see animals and livestock on … Read more

Songs that should never be played at weddings

As a wedding DJ I’ve seen my fair share of funny things over the years, … Read more

Decoding modern teenage ‘slanguage’

This, my friends, is a 100 percent, real fictional statement a teenager made while standing … Read more

Eight things to say to nail that job interview

Are you looking for tips on how to nail that interview and get the job? … Read more

The art of flirting in the modern age

I’ve noticed that the number of women who flirt with me has decreased significantly in … Read more

Beware ‘Old Person Cooties’ at the public swimming pool

I was swimming laps in the community pool the other day when it dawned on … Read more

Space time continuum explained

This is a column that almost never was — thanks to a rift in the … Read more

A life blessed by rivers

I was born on the Cuyahoga (yes, the river so polluted it caught fire), and … Read more

Seaweed could help deflate gassy cows

There’s a new diet fad spreading across the world’s bovine population — and it could … Read more

When good copy machines go bad

When the machines rise up to slaughter the human race, it’s not going to be … Read more

Jesus and the thieves

Easter is a day Christians all around the world celebrate the crucifixion, death, and resurrection … Read more

Let’s take a trip

Last weekend, Jessie “had” to go to a bachelorette party in Cabo. Poor thing. I … Read more

Service dogs on vacation

I was just planning another exotic vacation when I remembered — oh yeah! — I … Read more

Flying the not-so-friendly skies

If you ever find yourself in an airplane that’s on fire and hurtling toward a … Read more

The joys of buying a home

I’ve been half-enjoying, half-cringing as I watch the trials and tribulations of a coworker — … Read more

If you don’t buy it, it can’t own you

After years of working and hunting in Pennsylvania, I moved to Florida for a better … Read more

Finding myself in a tube

I never knew it could be so easy to find yourself! Apparently, all you have … Read more

Staring into the fishbowl

A friend contacted me on Facebook yesterday and essentially asked me, “How did you do … Read more

Leading, and not impeding

I was out with the Trash Dogs last weekend, picking up a little garbage, like … Read more

Killing me gently with fast-food nacho fries

Taco Bell has come up with a new way to kill me: nacho fries! Taco … Read more

Lost pounds, scientists and fat fairies

Tongue-Tied & Twisted Scott Graves

At the beginning of the year I resolved to lose weight. And you know what? … Read more

Going Rogue, making millions

Oh, for years, I have lived on the brink of poverty, eating ramen noodles, white … Read more

Dealing with pesky visitors to paradise

Live in a beautiful place and people will visit. Usually, these visits are glorious times … Read more

Humboldt hen homies

A friend of mine … I’ll call her “Lynette” and I had a touch of … Read more

Climbing up in age shouldn’t involve a ladder

Scientists recently determined the three most dangerous things to man are nuclear war, killer robots … Read more

A sad day

A former student sent me an email this week, and it hurt. It hurt the … Read more


Sometimes you just need to get out of Dodge. In my hometown in Colorado, you … Read more

Legislation from the Dark Side perhaps the last straw

When my wife and I go out to eat, we like to tear off the … Read more

On a slow boat from China

My new musical instrument sound is ‘da bomb’

I’ve been waiting many weeks for some items I ordered off the internet. I must … Read more

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