Letters to the editor

Thanks for Support We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support you gave … Read more

Letters to the editor

Gun Control The Oregon Legislature is at it again. Under the guise of safety for … Read more

Local newspapers are still needed

It’s no secret to the readers that some two months ago Western, Communications Inc., the … Read more

The value of the free press

Each day, journalists throughout the country are working tirelessly to inform their readers what the … Read more

Twisty Oregon detour roads

By Lauren Paulson The word “twisty” has been appropriated by motorcycle mavens. Carpenterville Road in … Read more

Letters to the editor

Jihad on Congress Is this a matched set when it comes to ignorance. They seem … Read more

Letters to the editor

Help growing up I’ve heard it said that children are our future and that it … Read more

Wildland protections are good for Southern Oregon

By Zachary Collier Last week the House of Representatives passed the Natural Resources Management Act, … Read more

Time to face our differences

By Gordan Clay Almost every day we read about white women who have disappeared and … Read more

Letters to the editor

Lent meatless diet March 6 marks the beginning of Lent, the period before Easter when … Read more

Ending vaccine exemptions

Rep. Cheri Helt, R-Bend, went to Salem to be an advocate for kids. She’s living … Read more

Letters to the editor

Born Alive Bill The Democrats in the Senate along with a few Republicans just voted … Read more

Letters to the editor

THANK YOU LES, MARY STANSELL and PRCA It was recently reported in the Pilot that … Read more

Someone has to do the dirty work

One of Oregon’s leading business organizations, the Oregon Business Council, is poised to go where … Read more

Letters to the Editor

CITY EMPLOYEES Recently on Feb. 6, I was in Brookings to attend the official dedication … Read more

Public Forum: HB 2020 is not the answer

Having been involved with the Oregon carbon conversation for a number of years; attending all … Read more

Letter: Green new deal

A letter on Feb. 12 claimed that a “Green New Deal” aimed at curbing climate … Read more

Meet the Tweedles

Should we thank those folks who had a tent and waved flags on Chetco Avenue? … Read more

Letters to the editor

Preaching socialism Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This woman is a real piece of work. She did a … Read more

Letters to the editor

Sponsoring children For 15 years my wife and I have sponsored children from around the … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Strapped Budget I found interesting on Saturday’s Pilot front page, two articles addressing the County’s … Read more

Letters to the editor

common ground As president of Curry County’s Kalmiopsis Audubon chapter, representing hundreds of local citizens … Read more

The Pilot is the best source for local news

By Teresa Lawson The Pilot isn’t perfect. No newspaper, reporter or private citizen is. I … Read more

Letters to the editor

Work on skills I know absolutely nothing about forest management and can offer no opinion … Read more

Forests in jeopardy due to ongoing threat of fire

By Court Boice I am Court Boice, a commissioner and a fourth-generation resident of Curry … Read more

Letters to the editor

Prodigal nation The Constitution gave Congress the power to coin money, not a central bank … Read more

VA care better in Oregon than other places

By Ken Cameron I live in Gold Beach. I am a Navy veteran and eligible … Read more

Improvements made at Sutter Coast

By Mitch Hanna The start of a new year is always a good time for … Read more

Letters to the editor

Unable to manage I’ve met Commissioner (Christopher) Paasch at his ranch and he’s a very … Read more

Finding common ground against wildfire

By Tim Palmer Flames raging every summer in southern Oregon remind us of the danger … Read more

Letters to the editor

Pushing agenda? Curry County’s Donald Trump fans have missed me lately because my article was … Read more

Letters to the editor

Shame on America Listening to the policy of the Democrats this morning, I again listen … Read more

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