Carousel support

The carousel does it again! Once again we celebrated National Carousel Day with the presentation of the award-winning movie The Greatest Show on Earth.

Thanks to Mike Moran and his crew at the Chetco Pelican Players for use of the theater, time and support. New Wave Video in Harbor helped with ticket sales and gave a nice door prize. Thanks also to La Flor De Mexico for their backing. One of the prizes was a wonderful framed print by local artist Dale Wells; another had a value of $125, plus a bunch more.

Thanks also to “Twinkle Toes” (you know who you are); your time and loyalty is much appreciated.

If we missed you by name, please know we appreciate all you do for us. See us at the Pirate Festival and plan to join us next year for another movie.

Bud Halliday


all Republicans today

Dianne Daniels’ letter (Pilot, Aug. 5) filters American history through the prism of party labels in an attempt to distort the fact that this nation’s progress towards equality and civil rights has been accomplished not by party but by defeating conservatism.

Yes, the Democrats were the Southern conservative party for 150 years, and it was those conservatives who supported slavery and opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. At that time, the Republicans were the party of Lincoln and liberalism. The two parties have gradually switched sides down through the decades, but history has not changed the position of conservatives on those issues.

Ms. Daniels falsely claims that “with virtually no Democratic support, Republicans passed the 1960s Civil Rights legislation.”

The truth is that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was developed by JFK, introduced by Democratic Representative Emmanuel Celler, and approved by about two-thirds of congressional Democrats.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was introduced by Democratic Senator Mike Mansfield and Republican Senator Everett Dirksen (my senator, which made me proud) and supported by three-fourths of Democrats.

Both measures were approved by more than 80 percent of Republicans. Why more Republicans than Democrats? Because again, the opposition came mostly from Southern conservatives, who then were still overwhelmingly Democrats. Not anymore.

Today, they’re all Republicans. And their party is currently trying to impede the minority vote under the false flag of “preventing voter fraud.”

Conservatives are as wrong on this issue now as they were in 1965 and 1869, irrespective of party affiliation then or now.

Mike Gaynes


Poor photo choice

This staff of the Pilot shows extremely poor taste in your choice of photos for the new feature “Caption That.”

At least two of your photos seeking “funny photo captions,” including the most recent one, are inappropriate and insensitive. The photos of July 15 and Aug. 5, use wording like no one was injured or no one was inside, as if that gives people permission to make up funny titles. Physical injury is not the only injury that happens from the catastrophic events that happened in both of these instances.

People’s lives were totally disrupted and they will carry the scars from these events forever. You owe the victims of these events and your readers an apology.

In addition to editing out letters to the editor for poor taste you should edit your paper for poor taste.

Cilde Grover


A unique market

I would like to thank Joey Camilli for the letter (Pilot, July 26). I’m a vendor at the Brookings-Harbor Farmers Market, and we have a truly unique market!

We have approximately 46 to 50 vendors.

I thank Linda Stimson, our market manager, and the Hydrangea-growing Yock family — particularly Richard Yock for the 4,800-square-foot tent and the ample parking, making it easy to shop.

Jean and

Howard Turner