Letters to the Editor April 16, 2014

By The Curry Coastal Pilot April 15, 2014 07:15 pm

Continue her service

To whom it may concern: I have had the pleasure of knowing Cindi Beaman since 1999. I was her secretary while she was an assistant public defender with Southwestern Oregon Public Defenders in the Curry County office. 

I found her to be bright, energetic and dedicated to serving her clients. While at the public defender’s office, her caseload included criminal defense, juvenile matters, both delinquency and dependency, and also mental health cases. 

It has been my good fortune to remain associated with Judge Beaman following our time at the Public Defenders’ office. I attended her swearing in and have watched her career with great interest. I am proud to think of myself as her friend. 

Her service to the citizens of Coos and Curry counties as judge of the 15th District has been exemplary. It is my hope that the voters of Coos and Curry Counties will agree with me and join me in voting for her. She deserves the opportunity to continue her excellent service in the capacity of Circuit Court judge for the 15th Judicial District. 

Maureen Johnson 

Gold Beach

Huxley for change

Curry County finally has a county commission candidate interested in the future of the county, as well as someone willing to admit the current system is in need of an overhaul. 

Tom Huxley wants to serve the citizens of our county by making the changes necessary to ensure our future. The county is near financial ruin and so ingrained in the way it conducts business that it is impossible to continue under the present leadership.

We must have someone in the leadership role that thinks of the county first, and not continue down the same path that has led us directly to the brink of bankruptcy. This election can change the future our county. It cannot continue to be business as usual. Current leaders have had ample time to change course and have done nothing to ensure our county’s future. 

We desperately need a change and Tom Huxley has the will and knowledge to implement the necessary changes. Please join me in voting Tom Huxley as our next county commissioner. 

Greg Empson

Gold Beach

I will serve all well

The recall election is over. I thank my supporters and the voters who expressed confidence in my ability to complete my present term. I assure those who voted for my recall that I respect their concerns. We need to put our differences aside and work together for the common good. 

There are several issues that we can agree upon and work together. These include: preventing further deterioration and upgrading our water, wastewater and streets infrastructure; maintaining and developing our parks; and working with the Port District to combat shoaling and improve port infrastructure. 

We need to work with Curry County to restore and sustain vital county services, especially in the area of law enforcement. We need to support local businesses, including fishing, and encourage new business, such as a pharmacy and healthcare services. Businesses like the bicycle shop, the golf course, and other tourism-related enterprises can provide jobs and contribute to economic development. 

We have an excellent city staff led by a capable new city administrator who deserves our support. Our public works crew is capable and performing well, especially with the loss of our longtime superintendent. Our police department is back up to a full compliment of three working officers serving those of us who live in the city well. Our finance staff is doing well controlling expenditures and is preparing a budget that should be acceptable to most of us. 

I hope we can resolve the differences that resulted in this unfortunate recall election and begin a healing process in our community. We need to refrain from personal attacks and attempt to work out our differences in a respectful manner. 

I will do my best to listen and serve all our citizens well in my remaining time as your mayor. 

Jim Auborn, mayor 

City of Port Orford

A judge for change

All too often a judge is appointed or runs unopposed. The people should have an opportunity to select their candidate, and this May they do. 

The incumbent has had her opportunity to make a difference, but there is only the status quo, with no changes to benefit the people she was appointed to serve. 

Shala McKenzie-Kudlac is a fifth-generation resident of our beautiful county. Her family has a history of hard work, integrity and caring. As the legal council for the City of Port Orford, she has proven over and over that she is going to interpret the law in a totally impartial way. 

There is a serious need, in Curry County, for impartial, intelligent enforcement of the law. It can be done and McKenzie-Kudlac is prepared to make that happen. 

Vote Shala McKenzie-Kudlac for judge, District 15, Position 6. You can be proud and happy you did. 

Leona Kincaid 

Port Orford

I can’t believe it

According to an article in the paper (Pilot, April 4), some woman had the nerve to tell Mike Olsen that he needed to remove the cross from in front of the Gospel Outreach Mission or she would no longer donate items to the mission.

I’m so happy that Mike Olsen stood his ground and said the cross will stay. 

We all have the right to believe as we choose, and nobody has the right to tell us how to conduct our lives because of those beliefs. 

We live in a time where many different people believe and live in many different ways, and while I may not agree with what some believe or how they conduct their lives, I would never attempt to tell them they need to do this or change that; it’s call freedom of choice. 

The mission can use lots of donations — that’s how they help people — but if someone doesn’t want to donate because of the cross on the front of the mission, I think that’s pretty sad. 

C. Cross


Donation vs disposal

This past week, the Outreach Gospel Mission was a victim of “donations” that were left when the donation center was closed. 

This pile of useless “donations” will cost OGM about $300 to dispose of properly.

Last year, OGM spent thousands of dollars to dispose of broken, stained and in some cases, toxic unattended “donations.” This expense takes away from OGM’s ability to help so many families who are in dire need of assistance.

Please, take a look at your donation and evaluate if it can be used by another family or individual. If not, please utilize the county dump as so many of us do and pay the necessary freight. 

We look forward to receive your quality donations this upcoming city wide garage sale. For this year’s Garage Sale, we will accept furniture donations only. These donations do and will help us help others. 

God Bless and Thank you! 

Michael J. Olsen, executive director

Outreach Gospel 



Never child’s fault

Re: An article in the Saturday, April 12, 2014, Pilot that stated: “Child advocate Jackalene Antunes urges people to make one simple phone call if they suspect any child who, through no fault of their own, is a victim of abuse.” Exactly what does that mean, “through no fault of their own”? 

To Randy Robbins, the reporter whose byline is above this article, please tell the Pilot’s audience, just exactly WHEN would it be a child’s fault to be a victim of abuse? Your statement does not bode well for children who might come to you, thinking you might be “that one adult” that could intercede on their behalf. 

As a reporter, shouldn’t you quote verbatim what is said by the person you are interviewing? Is it standard procedure to interject your feelings into the middle of the interviewee’s statement without your taking credit for said interjection? 

This makes it sound like Ms. Antunes shared that little six-word statement. 

L. Lipparelli


Support for Kudlac

As an employer for both Coos and Curry counties, parents and grandparents of a family trying to succeed in this area, we are concerned about the direction the counties are headed. 

We have some issues in these counties, most notably, a drug problem. This issue is not improving and whatever is being done is not working. 

We are voting for Shala McKenzie Kudlac for judge in Coos and Curry counties. We have known Shala for five years, and her extended family for much longer. 

She has proven her commitment to this county and deserves your vote. Curry County needs energy, leadership and confidence in order to combat the problems it faces. We believe that Shala has the background, knowledge and experience necessary (to) move the county forward and protect its citizens. 

Bret and Dalia O’Brien 

Pacific Rim 


Port Orford

Stop the nonsense

To repeat myself, John Bishop is a good law enforcement officer. He is not and should not be a politician. 

There is no question his department needs funding — the question is how. 

Property and sales tax are a no-go. A gasoline tax is the proper answer. It is equal in every sense of the word. The commissioners cannot be depended on, the state cannot be depended on, and the feds are a bad joke. 

First, let’s clean house. Vote every serving politician out of office, period. Start fresh and quit allowing them to walk on you. 

If you are on the dole, it’s going to end; if you are waiting for a subsidy you’re not going to get it. The free lunch is over. 

We need to stop spending; we need a flat tax, we need industry, we need jobs. 

Cut the government by 25 percent, make public workers pay their way; there is no public employee as important as a doctor. 

Stop the EPA, stop the labor department, stop the attorney general. 

Just stop the nonsense. 

Get a good attorney and start logging and fishing and get people working. 

Get real. There is no money.

Clifton Siemens