Letters to the editor Feb. 22, 2014

By The Curry Coastal Pilot February 21, 2014 09:56 pm

Stop Sutter’s plans

I would like to add my name to the thousands of local residents who are opposing the recent decision by Sutter Health and the Sutter Coast Hospital Board of Directors to downsize the hospital by 50 percent in order to qualify for higher Medicare payments under the federal “Critical Access” program. 

If Sutter Coast is permitted to downsize, there will be only 25 acute care hospital beds for the communities of Crescent City and Brookings. When the 25-bed cap imposed by Critical Access is reached, everyone else arriving at Sutter Coast in need of a hospital bed will be transferred by air ambulance to another hospital. 

I read in the Pilot that Sutter Coast CEO Linda Horn claims the hospital needs to downsize because they are losing money. But when the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors asked Sutter to release the hospital financial information so their claims of financial losses could be verified, the hospital refused to release the data. 

Here are some facts that are publicly available: In 2012, Sutter Health reported $735 million in profits. In 2010, the top 28 executives at Sutter Health were paid more than $46 million in total compensation. 

Should Sutter Coast be allowed to cut Sutter Coast by 50 percent so Sutter Health can make even more money? If your answer is no, now is the time to voice your opinion. 

The Del Norte Healthcare District Board is working to stop Sutter. Send the Healthcare District a letter of support at 550 E. Washington Blvd., Crescent City, CA 95531, and send a copy to this paper so others will be aware of Sutter’s plans before it is too late to stop them. 

Dale Coleman 


Taxes headaches

Curry Coastal Pilot Feb. 15 edition: “County officials explore tax solutions.” 

Let me get this straight! We, the residents of Curry County pay our county commissioners $68,000 a year plus benefits. And this is for what? To make decisions for the operation of our county.

So the county commissioners cannot make any decisions, because all they do at meetings is argue and that creates “strife”! So now they want to spend more money (that Curry County doesn’t have) on Oregon Solutions Network. So that the Oregon Consensus can help them stop arguing and make some decisions. 

Pass me the aspirin, I got a headache. Have we all gone insane?

Speaking of insanity! Curry County Sheriff John Bishop “... has solutions to the county’s financial woes ... let’s have a door tax.” If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and smells like a duck? It’s a property tax, a euphemism by any other name. Was voted down twice!

How about a gas tax? “That would likely require a change in law at the capitol legislation. ... The amount of the tax and how much revenue it would generate is unknown.”

Pass me the aspirin, I got a headache!

But! If a tax is voted in, then Sheriff Bishop will implement all these money saving ideas. Like consolidation them now? And save us some money now!

Andrew T. Ragan


As a proud supporter

As a proud Tea Party Patriot supporter it’s hard to believe that anyone — even a Democrat — would vote twice for Barrack Obama. 

I realize how the left wing news media protects those in the Democratic Party, especially their president, but before you vote find out who the man actually is! If you failed to find out who Rev. Wright or Sol Arlinsky and others I told you about, then you deserve to suffocate in leftism ideology. 

You can’t take what the left says and think it’s coming from someone that’s incompetent because if you do they will defeat you consistently. Every one of the Democrats in Washington think the same; DeFazio and Merkley are no exception. They are told by Pelosi and Reid what to do and they must do it whether or not they agree. If you are unable to see this then you will never defeat them.

Any news channel (except Fox) will tell you how America is racist and how unfair capitalism is when we have rich people and poor people living together, oh no, we must redistribute the wealth.

Obamacare will put the brakes on that progress. How do I know ? A huge number of new students are no longer seeking to be doctors and the federal government can’t even run smoothly the post office.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach