Winning pumpkins

By Bill Schlichting, Pilot staff writer November 01, 2013 06:37 pm

Ashlie Goetz
Ashlie Goetz
A total of 45 entries were submitted for the annual Chetco Community Public Library pumpkin decorating contest.

Winners were chosen in four categories, each having four age groups. Catergories were for best overall, funniest, most creative and scariest. Age groups were adults, 12-17, 6-11 and 5 and younger.

Those winning in the best overall category received a $20 prize.

Best overall

Adults: Ashlie Goetz;  

Ages 12-17: Francesca Farr;

Ages 7-11: Ava Doak; Ages 5 and younger: Preston McVay.


Adults: Scott Graves;

Ages 12-17: Matt Fletcher;

Ages 7-11:  Jennifer Christow;

Ages 5 and younger:  Oliver Henderson.

Most Creative

Adults: Jim Speas;

Ages 12-17: Audrey Fletcher;

Ages 7-11: Laney DeCausmaker;

Ages 5 and younger:  Beckett Lunde.


Adults: Cathy Moore;

Ages 12-17: Jeremy Pettinger;

Ages 7-11: Tatum Dennis;

Ages 5 and younger: Liam Hamilton.