Court Report Oct. 19, 2013

By The Curry Coastal Pilot October 18, 2013 10:11 pm

Ryan Anthony Hanners, born 1990, of Brookings, had his conditional release revoked on original charges of disorderly conduct.

Larry William Kammer, born 1950, of Gold Beach, pleaded guilty and was convicted on DUII charges. He was sentenced to one year of diversion, fined $490 and must have an ignition lock device installed in his vehicle.

Benjamin Kolton Remy, born 1994, of Gold Beach, pleaded not guilty to theft and faces a trial Nov. 15. He was arraigned on a probation violation stemming to reckless driving and attempting to elude police charges.

A six-person jury found Terry Lee Morris, born 1959, of Brookings, guilty of theft. He will be sentenced Oct. 24.

Sharon Jones, born 1957, of Ophir, failed to appear in court for bench trial on charges of illegally taking of game parts; a jury trial has now been scheduled for Nov. 16.

Emily Ann Arlint, born 1994, of Ophir, was arraigned on a probation violation on original charges of felony assault.

Several people were convicted of taking a coho salmon out of season this week. All were fined $310 apiece. Included were Stan L. Atkinson, born 1952, of Brookings; Albert H. Butcher, born 1946, of Upland, Calif.; Michael J. Johnson, born 1969, of Crescent City; Gary Koepke, born 1962, of Klamath Falls; Steven Nakamura, born 1951, of Smith River; John N. Pierce, born 1986, of Eagle Point; Jennifer Roberts, born 1981, of Crescent City; Ronald L. Shellabarger, born 1950, of Crescent City; and Mark Daniel Webb, born 1970, of Grants Pass.

Glenn Eli, born 1981, of Cave Junction, who has been at large since 2008, was found in Grants Pass, ordered to court for arraignment and failed to appear. A new warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Leonard D. Foreman, born 1957, failed to appear to be arraigned on charges of possession of marijuana; his arraignment will be rescheduled.

Kyle James Kellum, born 1990, of Brookings, was arraigned on theft charges.

Charles Killian, born 1969, of Brookings, will have his diversion treatment continued after he was found to be in violation of probation on a reckless driving charge.

Crystal Karin Pitts, born 1992, of Brookings, pleaded guilty to DUII and sentenced to a year of diversion, fined $490 and must have an ignition lock installed in her vehicle for a year.

John Roberson, born 1984, of Crescent City, failed to appear in court and was convicted in absentia on charges of possession of marijuana.

Steve Earle Stevenson was arraigned on charges of reckless driving. A DUII charge was dismissed.

Garry Lewis Doane Jr., born 1992, of Sixes, pleaded guilty and was convicted on charges of water pollution and failing to appear in court; charges that were dismissed included placing a pollutable substance in water, depositing trash near water and offensive littering.

Robert T. Fieber, born 1938, of Gold Beach, was convicted of theft charges.

Allen Douglas Vonnevin, born 1979, of Port Orford had criminal mischief charges against him dismissed in an aggravated animal abuse case in which a dog was killed after the witness recanted her statements against him.

County Commissioner David Brock Smith of Port Orford had “private citizen” charges of following too close and making an unsignaled lane change dismissed; the citizen reporting him was defense attorney Eric Bryant.

Brandy Lea Gillaspie, born 1976, of Brookings, was arraigned on two charges of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, endangering the welfare of a minor and two charges of felon in possession of a firearm.