Police Log Oct. 9, 2013

By The Curry Coastal Pilot October 09, 2013 08:26 am

Friday, Oct. 4 

Intoxicated subject, 2:10 a.m.: South Indian Road. The call was transferred to Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office. 

Dispute/fight, 9:49 a.m.: A dispute was reported between a couple at Indian Sands.

Suspicious conditions, 9:54 a.m.: 16200 block of Highway 101. 

Harassment, 11:44 a.m.: An adult male was cited for harassment in the 1100 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Hit and run, 1:48 p.m.: A citizen reported an unknown vehicle sideswiped his car while it was parked, ripping off the driver’s side mirror, in the 300 block of Alder Street. No suspect or witnesses. He will report it to his insurance. 

Suspicious conditions, 3:03p.m.: 300 block of Birch Street. 

Fire, 3:57 p.m.: Brookings Fire units responded to residence in the 400 block of Redwood Street and contained a fire inside a self-cleaning oven. 

Suspicious conditions, 5:35 p.m.: 16300 Lower Harbor Road. 

Abandoned vehicle, 5:43 p.m.: The registered owner of a vehicle was contacted by an officer about moving his vehicle from Wharf Street. He stated it needs a new battery but he will try to move it at the beginning of the week. 

Non-injury vehicle accident, 6:10 p.m.: A deputy and Harbor Fire units responded to a two-vehicle traffic crash at Wenbourne and Benham lanes. One vehicle left scene before an officer arrived. One person was transported to the hospital. 

Animal complaint, 6:28 p.m. : Several reports of a raccoon on the east side of Hassett Street near Old County Road that appeared to be wandering aimlessly in circles. Officers responded to the area, but were unable to locate the animal. 

Criminal mischief, 7:28 p.m.: A citizen parked her vehicle at Chetco Point to walk on the beach. Upon returning, she reported that someone had smashed the passenger window of her car. A distinctive bag was taken from the vehicle. Officers interviewed several people in the area, but did not locate the stolen property or a suspect.  

Field interview,10:08 p.m.: An adult female who left a child unattended in her unlocked car with the motor running in the 1100 block of Chetco Avenue was counseled by an officer. 

Fire, 11:22 p.m.: Cape Ferrelo Fire and Coos Fire Protection Agency (CFPA)  were advised of a controlled burn near a rock pit at Whaleshead and Huckleberry Ridge roads that had flared up. CFPA response was canceled by Cape Ferrelo, as it was able to handle it on its own.

Saturday, Oct. 5 

Suspicious conditions, 5:19 a.m.: An officer was unable to locate a suspicious man that had been reportedly loud and aggressive and trying to get into a vehicle at Azalea Reach Apartments. 

Illegal camping, 4:43 a.m.: A person was camped illegally in a vehicle in a field along North Bank Chetco River Road within city limits. 

Overdue subject, 8:10 a.m.: An overdue juvenile was located by her mother in the 600 block of Easy Street. 

Lost property, 12:15 p.m.: A citizen reported losing a wallet full of cash in the Brookings area. 

Illegal burn, 12:38 p.m.: Harbor Fire checked for an illegal burn reported by a citizen on Klamath Avenue. There was no burn, but there was a diesel machine working in the area putting off exhaust fumes. 

Hit and run, 2:15 p.m.: A silver Ford pickup struck and damaged a fence in the 200 block of Cove Road. A witness saw the driver get out, look at the damage, then drive off. Officers attempted to locate the suspect vehicle but have not yet been able to do so. 

Theft, 2:25 p.m.: The theft of fuel was reported from a business in the 99000 block of South Bank Chetco River Road. 

Fire, 3:11 p.m.: A fire was reported in the 16300 block of Highway 101 in Smith River. The call was transferred to Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office. 

Suspicious conditions, 5:31 p.m.: Old County Road. 

Found property, 5:39 p.m.: Knoll Drive. 

Fire, 10:11 p.m.: Driftwood logs were set on fire on Sporthaven Beach near Best Western Beachfront Inn. Coos Forest Patrol was notified, but Harbor Fire responded and doused the fire. 

Field interview, 10:31 p.m.: Two juveniles parked at a church in the 500 block of Pacific AVenue were reminded of curfew and went home. 

Parking violation, 11:49 p.m.: Officer made multiple unsuccessful attempts to locate the registered owner of a pickup that was parked in the middle of the 800 block of Pioneer Road. The vehicle was towed as a hazard. 

Sunday, Oct. 6 

Water problem, 10:01 a.m.: 200 block of Alder Street. 

Hit and run, 10:36 a.m.: 700 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Found property, 11:23 a.m.: 97800 block of Harbor View Circle. 

Theft, 11:58 a.m.: 16200 block of Highway 101. 

Found property, 1:22 p.m.: 1200 block of Hub Street, 

Suspicious conditions, 1:29 p.m.: 600 block of Pacific Avenue. 

Lost property, 2:29 p.m.: Brookings area. 

Dispute/fight, 2:45 p.m.: Chetco Avenue. 

Theft, 3:06 p.m.: 1100 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Fire, 3:51 p.m.: 800 block of Marina Heights Road. 

Disorderly conduct, 3:51 p.m.: Frontage Road. 

Lost property, 5:35 p.m.: Indian Sands. 

Fire, 6:16 p.m.: Brookings fire responded to the 800 block of Marina Heights Road. 

Disorderly conduct, 3:51 p.m.: Frontage Road. 

Fire: Brookings Fire responded to Kevin Place. 

Dispute/fight, 6:29 p.m.: 500 block of Fern Avenue. 

Littering, 7:10 p.m.: 900 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Suspicious conditions, 7:38 p.m.: 900 block of Timberline Drive. 

Intoxicated subject, 7:44 p.m.: Court Street. 

Lost subject, 8:46 p.m.: Near Foster Bar in Agness. 

Monday, Oct. 7 

Hit and run, 8:56 a.m.: Highway 101 and Benham Lane. 

Hit and run, 12:14 p.m.: 300 block of Fifth Street. 

Identity theft, 2:05 p.m.: Reported at Brookings Police Department. 

Injury vehicle accident, 3:23 p.m.:15700 block of Highway 101. 

Non-injury vehicle accident, 3:23 p.m.: Parkview Drive and Highway 101. 

Water problem, 5:39 p.m.: Mardon Court and Easy Street.

Found property, 6:44 p.m.: 800 block of Elk Drive. 

Hazard, 8:58 p.m.: 700 block of Elk Drive. 

Fire, 10:35 p.m.: 17200 block of Parkview Drive. 

Missing person, 11:08 p.m.: 800 block of Limbaugh Way.