One Last Point: Ban ‘em? Nah, burn ‘em

August 06, 2013 09:49 pm

Professional sports needs to do one of two things: Ban anyone who uses performance enhancing drugs for life or, allow all players to use them.

We, the fans of Major League Baseball (MLB), are smart — and savvy — enough to recognize a player’s greatness isn’t always his own. 

When Barry Bonds was setting a record with steroid-enhanced strength, everyone — at some core level — knew he was getting help from something. 

Sammy Sosa challenging him for home run supremacy in the same season was enough of a fluke that everyone had to know he was getting help too (they probably didn’t think it was a corked bat, but hey, it is what it is).

Now, with Alex Rodriguez set to battle MLB over his suspension the ugly spectre of steroids has reared its head.

Let’s chop it off. 

The Yankees need to fire A-Rod and refuse to pay the remainder of his salary.

MLB needs to ban him from baseball for life, and fans need to stop supporting those who abuse drugs to make themselves stronger, better and faster.

And not just A-Rod; every player who has ever used ’roids, slop, juice, peds (performance enhancing drugs), boosters, dope, or anything else resembling a non-edible energy source, needs to be banned for life.

It’ll be like pulling a Band-Aid off an injury: If MLB does it quick it will hurt a lot but the pain will go away quickly and we’ll all be able to move on.

Of course, there will be people who say, “What about the innocents?”

I say make it like the Salem witch trials, burn them all on accusation alone, with no semblance of actual guilt required and let history sort it out.

Pete Rose — whose ban, in light of the blatant abuse of drugs by modern baseball players, is a complete farce — could start a club and call it the “We’ll Never Make it into the MLB Hall of Fame” club.

And if MLB decides to let all players use steroids, we’ll have a new reality show — “Roid Rage Boxing,” live from the dugout.

Maybe we could place bets, well, everyone but Pete could place bets.