Mud, metal and mayhem

July 30, 2013 09:01 pm

The last two days of the fair must have been the dirtiest when the Josh Amos Memorial Tuff Truck event and the mud drag races happened in the livestock pavilion.

Top three finishers in each of the events were: 

Hillbilly Relay — 1st, Gold Beach Fire Department; 2nd, Dirty Biznes; 3rd, Food Stamp Racing.

Tuff Trucks — Powder Puff: 1st, Teresa Parker; 2nd Melinda Riddle. 

Open class: 1st, Billy Hawk; 2nd, David Tucker; 3rd, C.J. Oxler.

Mud drag races — Modified: 1st, Brett Dresen; 2nd, Clyde Dawkins; 3rd, Than Baker.

V-8: 1st, Terry Tinker; 2nd, Ken Person; 3rd, Paula Gross.

Powder puff: 1st, Sherry Dawkins; 2nd, Dani Hanson; 3rd, Kelly Failer.

4-cylinder: 1st, Brent Bradshaw; 2nd, Jimmy Trowbridge; 3rd, Ryan Brose.