County Jail Log July 24, 2013

By The Curry Coastal Pilot July 23, 2013 09:34 pm

The following information is taken from the daily logs ( of local law enforcement agencies. Charges listed are preliminary and are made at the discretion of the arresting officer or agency. Charges may be amended or dropped at the discretion of the district attorney or courts.

Saturday, July 20

Ira Alan Lisenbery, 33, of Gold Beach, for driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving and failure to perform the duties of a driver; bail set at $45,000.

James Francis Anderson, 53, of Brookings, for probation violation and first-degree theft; no bail.

David Richard Guest, 66, of Salem, for driving under the influence of intoxicants; bail set at $10,000.

Andrew Joseph Martin, 32, of Gold Beach, for recklessly endangering another; bail set at $10,000.

Anita Deanne Rose Brazille, 39, of Merlin, for tampering with evidence; cited and released.

Travis Dean Singleton, 39, of Port Orford, for menacing, harassment, strangulation, fourth-degree assault and pointing a firearm at another; bail set at $35,000.

Monday, July 22

Wei Hao Yuan, 25, of Brookings, for third-degree criminal mischief and failure to carry or present a driver license; bail set at $5,000.

Christopher William Sanders, 21, of Brookings, warrant for first-degree failure to appear; bail set at $10,000.

Ray Baskin Sybrandt, 59, of Brookings, warrant for contempt of court and probation violation; bail set at $10,000.

Kenneth T. Davis, 32, of Brookings, warrant for failure to carry or display driver license; bail paid and released.

Korey Tyler Allen, 21, of Brookings, for driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving; booked and released.

Alexandria Denney, 21, of Gold Beach, for first-degree theft and second-degree criminal trespassing; booked and released.

Erin Gallagher, 22, of Port Orford, for theft of services; booked and released.

Gary Sizemore, 48, of Ophir, for failure to carry driver license; booked and released.

Jamaya Houston, 18, of McKinleyville, Calif., for possession of hash; booked and released.

Roberta Doan, 54, of Brookings, for first-degree aggravated theft, first-degree criminal mistreatment and second-degree theft; booked and released.

Amber Whitewing, 52, of Brookings, for second-degree criminal trespassing.