Chetco Pelican Players open ‘Harvey’ Friday

By The Curry Coastal Pilot June 11, 2013 08:17 pm

Harvey (himself) sits quietly as Elwood P. Dowd (Sean Paul Farris) talks to Dr. Sanderson (Chris Eckersley) and nurse Ruth Kelly (Karen de Lucca). The Pilot/Bill Schlichting
Harvey (himself) sits quietly as Elwood P. Dowd (Sean Paul Farris) talks to Dr. Sanderson (Chris Eckersley) and nurse Ruth Kelly (Karen de Lucca). The Pilot/Bill Schlichting
A mythical 6-foot rabbit and a friendly bar-hopping street philosopher are the subjects of the Chetco Pelican Players’ new comedy “Harvey,” which opens at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 14, at the Chetco Playhouse in Brookings.

Harvey is a very large rabbit who is only visible to his best friend, Elwood P. Dowd (Sean Paul Farris), a man who once considered himself smart, but who is now content with merely being pleasant and having a drink with anybody, anywhere. 

Throughout this light comedy, all the other quirky characters are constantly afflicted by Harvey’s problematic existence, according to a news release. Because of Harvey, Elwood’s beleaguered relatives are trying to get him committed to a sanitarium before his wacky “delusions” completely ruin their social lives.

Elwood’s sister Veta Louise Simmons (Sydney Clinton) is finally beginning to think that Harvey might actually be real. Veta’s eligible daughter, Myrtle Mae’s (Chelsea Taormina) chances of attracting a potential husband are being thwarted at every turn by Elwood and his giant “Pooka,” so the two ladies want cheerful old Elwood committed. Unfortunately for their scheme, sanitarium psychiatrists Dr. Chumley (Don Jones), Dr. Sanderson (Chris Eckersley), their nurse Ruth Kelly (Karen de Lucca) and feisty orderly Wilson (Scotty Oka) mistake Veta for the crazy one and promptly lock her up, sending Elwood on his tipsy way, along with Harvey.

It takes the help of stern family lawyer judge Omar Gaffney (Phillip Dolan) to try and get the right looney into the nuthouse, but the question is, who’s crazy and who isn’t? Who’s committing and who’s being committed? Guffaws continually erupt as Elwood and his big fluffy pal glide affably through the totally befuddled lives of everybody else, according to the news release.

Directed by Tommy Jones with assistance from Evan Vest and also starring Amanda Newnham, Hazel Campbell and Jeff Wood, “Harvey” opens with a gala featuring complimentary Bunny Wine and Rabbity hors d’oeuvres, presented in lapin (that means rabbits) elegance by hostess Claire Willard.

Doors open on Fridays and Saturdays at 6:45 p.m. with showtimes at 7:30. Sunday Matinee doors open at 1:15 with showtimes at 2. Play dates are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through June 30. Tickets are $15 for adults and $6 for students. Tickets are available at Wright’s Custom Framing and Art Supplies and Chetco Pharmacy and Gifts in Brookings; New Wave Video in Harbor and at the door on performances. For reservations, call 541-469-1877. For theater information, call 541-469-1857 or visit for more information about all presentations.

The Chetco Playhouse is located at 1240 Chetco Ave.