Slugs ready to pick up the pace for annual races

By The Curry Coastal Pilot May 17, 2013 08:40 pm

Slimy, yellow banana slugs, which crawl at .000185 mph, will be picking up the pace, perhaps to speeds of up to .00185 mph, for the 20th annual Slug Races. 

The races are scheduled for Sunday, May 26, at the Port of Brookings Harbor during the Memorial weekend Party at the Port. 

The event is sponsored by Slugs ’N’ Stones ’N’ Ice Cream Cones. Registration begins at noon, and elimination heats begin at 1 p.m. 

Jockeys are advised that they can bring their own slug to race or rent a slug from the “Slug Ranch.” 

Professional slug trainers, ensconced in a secret location to protect their high-tech training process, have worked tirelessly all year to bring to the boardwalk a superior slew of galloping gastropods. 

Ranch-raised and rented slugs have won 18 out the last 19 races. Rent for one of these racers is a $2 donation that will go directly to South Coast Humane Society. 

Ranch resident slugs must be returned to the trainers at end of the event, so that they can be turned out to stud. All personal slugs are required to return home with those who brought them.

There is no charge to enter the race. 

Winners of each heat will win a prize. A grand prize runoff at the completion of heats will determine the grand champion and winner of a $25 Slugs ’N’ Stones ice cream gift certificate.