Police Log April 24, 2013

By The Curry Coastal Pilot April 23, 2013 07:53 pm

Friday, April  19

Criminal mischief, 7:34 a.m.: 900 block of Wharf Street. 

Assist outside agency, 9:08 a.m.: The U.S. Coast Guard was advised of a boat dead in the water between the jetties and first buoy. 

Lost property, 10:07 a.m.: 16200 block of Wharf Street. 

Harassment, 2:55 p.m.: 600 block of Easy Street. 

Elderly abuse, 5:19 p.m.: 900 block of Hassett Street. 

Dispute/fight, 5:50 p.m.: 700 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Suspicious conditions, 10:27 p.m.: 16400 block of Lower Harbor Road. 


Brookings police made many traffic stops,  and issued warnings for various infractions. 

Saturday, April 20 

Disabled vehicle, 12:18 a.m.: A disabled vehicle at Highway 101 and Harris Beach was to be removed later in the day. 

Traffic stop,1:15 a.m.: A K-9 alerted an officer to loose marijuana leaves at various locations in the vehicle during a traffic stop near Chetco Avenue and Oak Street. 

Assist public, 12:43 p.m.: Woman reportedly choking in the 1600 block of Chetco Avenue refused medical treatment. 

Animal complaint, 12:54 p.m.: A citizen citation was issued to a neighbor for ongoing dog barking complaint in the 400 block of Pine Street. 

Transient information, 12:59 p.m.: A citizen was concerned for a young transient family with a baby on Hemlock Street. They had dirty clothes and a dirty baby blanket. They were provided with Salvation Army assistance in the form of a motel room for one night. 

Driving complaint, 1:23 p.m.: A citizen reported an ATV in the 500 block of Redwood Street driving 40-45 mph. An officer was unable to locate the offender. 

Dispute/Fight, 1:51 p.m.: Officers mediated a verbal dispute between several individuals in the 1000 block of Chetco Avenue.

Animal complaint, 2:13 p.m.: A dog bite caused a laceration and a broken finger in the 900 block of Seventh Street. The dog owner took responsibility. 

Criminal trespass, 4:18 p.m.: A male transient was cited for trespassing on Fred Meyer property and warned for panhandling in the parking lot. 

Information, 4:51 p.m.: A suspicious vehicle with three occupants appeared to be loitering at the post office. Officers contacted them and suggested alternate places to stay if they were going to remain in the vehicle. 

Dispute/fight, 5:52 p.m.: A dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend was reported in the 500 block of Ransom Avenue. The man left after causing damage to some sheetrock inside the house. The woman was given information regarding restraining orders. 

Criminal trespass, 7:08 p.m.: A trespasser was reported on property in the 16300 block of Lower Harbor Road. 

Suspicious conditions, 7:25 p.m.: Officers spoke with a male transient in the city hall parking lot who was reportedly carrying a baseball bat and pushing the doorbell to the Emergency Operating Center on Elk Drive. He was advised not to bother anyone with the bat, and said he would stay at a local motel for the night. He also told officers he had just been released from jail. His backpack was searched and found to contain a small bottle of alcohol and a marijuana smoking device. 

Suspicious conditions, 8:06 p.m.: A McDonald’s employee requested officers to deal with a person inside with a baseball bat making staff and customers uncomfortable. The male transient was told to leave the business and advised to move along and not camp within city limits or cause additional problems. 

Disorderly conduct, 8:19 p.m.: An adult male transient with baseball bat was arrested in front of Onion Grill for disorderly conduct after causing problems at two other locations in the city. 

Transient information, 9:02 p.m.: A possible transient camp was reported in a vacant field behind apartments on Fern Street. Officers contacted people there and advised them of a city ordinance prohibiting camping in city limits. They put out their fire and moved on. 

Minor in possession of liquor: 9:22 p.m.: An anonymous report of  minors in possession at either Mill Beach or Chetco Point. Officers located five people. One adult male was cited for MIP; a juvenile was cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and three other juveniles were released to responsible adults. 


Brookings police also made traffic stops, assisted the public and handled animal complaints. 

Sunday, April 21

Suspicious conditions, 2:13 a.m.: Officers investigated two suspicious vehicles parked at the Botanical Gardens. One vehicle was unoccupied. The other vehicle’s occupant said he was just sitting there waiting for a phone call. 

Injury vehicle accident, 8:06 a.m.: Pacific and Railroad streets. 

Warrant service, 9:15 a.m.: 1100 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Burglary, 9:54 a.m.: A caller in the 18300 block of Taylor Creek Road reported having been robbed while she was home. 

Water problem. 11: 46 a.m.: 300 block of Truman Lane. 

Disorderly conduct, 3:48 p.m.: A young man was cited for disorderly conduct in the 300 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Non-Injury vehicle accident, 6:25 p.m.: A traffic accident up North Bank Chetco River Road, approximately 5 miles above Loeb State Park, with partial lane blockage and unknown injuries, was reported. 

Intoxicated subject, 9:11 p.m.: An intoxicated woman driver was reportedly northbound from the 1100 block of Chetco Avenue in a maroon pickup truck. It was not located by officers. 

Illegal burn,  9:21 p.m.: A citizen reported an illegal burn barrel at a residence on Memory Lane. Fire personnel responded and found a legal, screen-covered warming/cooking fire in a pit, which is legal. Additionally, the residents at that address had informed dispatch of the fire, which they had been asked to do previously. 

Animal complaint, 11:41 p.m.: An officer responded to an anonymous report of barking dogs in the area of North Hazel and South Hazel streets. There were no dogs outside and no dogs barking anywhere in the neighborhood.


Brookings police attended to traffic stops, building checks, and animal complaints. 

Monday, April 22 

Building check, 2:51 a.m.: An adult female who had parked her rental vehicle at the top of a footpath in the 1600 block of Chetco Avenue was redirected to the rest area across the highway. 

Harassment, 8:18 a.m.: 97900 block of Shopping Center Avenue. 

Theft, 10:26 a.m.: An officer assisted a citizen with information regarding possible thefts that have been occurring at a residential home in the 700 block of Elk Drive.

Driving complaint, 1:11 p.m.: A motorist wanted to sign a citizen citation following a near collision involving another vehicle. The other driver was contacted and warned. She stated she thought she had a protected  green light. 

Driving complaint, 5:49 p.m.: An intoxicated male adult crashed his motorcycle near the entrance to Mill Beach. He refused medical attention, was arrested for DUII, then released to his adult son. 

Parking violation, 6:44 p.m.: An officer contacted a driver about moving his vehicle so that it wasn’t partially blocking a private driveway in the 600 block of Pioneer Road. 

DUII, 7:21 p.m.: A woman drove around a corner and crashed into another vehicle in the 600 block of Ransom Avenue. She was arrested for DUII and later released to a sober friend.


Brookings police issued several warnings to speeding motorists, fingerprinted an individual, and tried to locate the origin of an incomplete 911 call.