Court Report April 20, 2013

By The Curry Coastal Pilot April 19, 2013 07:05 pm

Gerald Michael Paugh, born 1992, of Port Orford, was found guilty of felony theft. A second theft charge against him was dismissed.

Wayne Leon Cramer, born 1980, of Brookings, pleaded guilty and was convicted of contempt of court.

Ricky Lee Byrd, born 1962, of White City, pleaded guilty and was convicted of contempt of court; assault charges against him were dismissed.

Taaisha S. Finklea, born 1987, of Olympia, Wash., was given a 28-day notice of dismissal on her reckless driving case, but she failed to appear in court.

Jennifer Lorraine Griffith, born 1983, of Harbor, had her deferred sentence agreement extended after she paid nothing toward her fines in a possession of methamphetamine case.

Nova Elise Johnson, born 1978, of Harbor, pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a minor, but charges were dismissed.

Cody Wayne Lewis, born 1976, of Ashland, has a sentencing hearing set for May 7 on marijuana possession charges.

Brandon Auston Ridenhour, born 1984, of Crescent City, was arraigned on three charges of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance and three of possession of controlled substance.

Kurtis W. Sabin, born 1992, was convicted on rape charges; sentencing will take place at a later date.

Andrew Tyler Strong, born 1988, of Harbor, failed to appear on a show cause order.

James Young, born 1963, of Harbor, pleaded guilty to DUII and was sentenced to 24 months’ probation, two days in jail, alcohol treatment, fined $2,645 and has his driver license suspended for a year.

Martin Louis Howard, born 1949, of Gold Beach, pleaded not guilty to felony DUII and reckless driving charges.

Starr Lynn Lowrance, born 1979, of Harbor, was convicted on forgery charges. Identity theft charges were dismissed.

Matthew Ryan Wiltse, born 1979, of Brookings, pleaded guilty and was convicted on misdemeanor assault charges.

Shawn Eli Campbell, born 1986, of Brookings, was found not guilty on possession of marijuana charges.

James David Musalf, born 1959, of Port Orford, pleaded not guilty to manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance.

Todd McCloskey, born 1963, of Brookings, had charges of possession of methamphetamine dismissed.

Dustin Alan Black, born 1980, of Harbor, failed to appear in court on DUII charges and has a warrant out for his arrest.

Shane Williams Chambers, born 1982, of Coos Bay, pleaded guilty to attempted DUII. He was sentenced to 18 months’ probation, fined $2,600 and ordered to undergo drug and alcohol treatment. Another charge of possession of marijuana was dismissed.

Erin Jean Gallagher, born 1990, of Port Orford, pleaded not guilty to telephonic harassment and faces a July 5 trial.

Markwood Scott Hull, born 1964, of Langlois, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance. A charge of marijuana manufacturing was dismissed.

Traci Lynn Mitchell, born 1981, of Grants Pass, was convicted on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor; a second charge of the same was dismissed. She was sentenced to 24 months’ probation, drug and alcohol treatment and fined $895.

Marisu Edmonds Terry, born 1929, no hometown listed, pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment of a highway worker, has her license suspended for 90 days and was fined $435.