Police Log April 13, 2013

By The Curry Coastal Pilot April 12, 2013 08:39 pm

Tuesday, April 9 

Intoxicated subject, 5:56 a.m.: 99100 block of East Freeman Lane. 

Lost property, 925 a.m.: 95900 block of Cape Drive.

Driving complaint, 12:39 p.m.:  A reported intoxicated driver on North Bank Chetco River Road was not located. 

Criminal trespass, 1:34 p.m.: Two people were reportedly trespassing in the 500 block of Fir Street. 

Illegal camping, 1:34 p.m.: Mill Beach. 

Suspicious conditions, 4:15 p.m.: 800 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Dispute/fight, 4:16 p.m.: Officers handled a dispute in the 500 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Wednesday, April  10

Criminal mischief, 4:25 a.m.: An ongoing investigation for theft and criminal mischief is underway in the 800 block of Railroad Street. 

Theft, 8:29 a.m.: A citizen in the 600 block of Old County Road reported the theft of debit card that resulted in a large withdrawal. 

Hit and run, 11:49 a.m.: A vehicle was hit in a parking lot in the 300 block of Fifth Street. 

Animal complaint, 12:14 p.m.: A citizen was concerned about dogs outside with no shelter in the 700 block of First Street. 

Non-injury vehicle accident, 12:19 p.m.: One unoccupied vehicle rolled into another in the 700 block of Chetco Avenue. 

Forgery/fraud/bad check, 2:37 p.m.: A resident in the 16000 block of Carson Lane who was trying to sell items on eBay was sent a scam check. 

Abandoned vehicle, 3:15 p.m.: A vehicle parked in the 800 block of Limbaugh Way, thought to be abandoned, belongs to one of the neighbors, and will be moved to new location. 

Harassment, 4:52 p.m.: Police received a complaint of an old unmarked police cruiser driving around town “cat-calling” and making other distracting noises through the vehicle’s loudspeaker system. An officer made contact in the 1100 block of Ransome Avenue and counseled the driver on his actions. The driver agreed not to do it anymore. 

Fire, 5:05 p.m.: Brookings Fire Department  responded to the report of a burn barrel showing high flames in the 200 block of Del Norte Lane. It was found to be a firepit in the yard. 

Disabled vehicle, 5:43 p.m.: A vehicle ran out of gas on Parkview Drive. An officer assisted until person’s spouse arrived with a can of gas. 

Illegal fireworks, 9:24 p.m.: Three calls reported either a single gunshot or illegal fireworks in the Tanbark Road and Memory Lane area.

Thursday, April 11

Telephone harassment, 6:34 a.m.: 800 block of Limbaugh Way.

Suspicious conditions, 7:35 a.m.: 600 block of Fifth Street.

Animal complaint, 8:28 a.m.: 97800 block of Payne Road.

Non-injury traffic crash, 11:40 a.m.: The two drivers exchanged information after a motorhome mirror clipped the mirror of a semi truck.

Animal complaint, 12:26 p.m.: Chetco Avenue near Arnold Lane.

Identity theft, 1:35 p.m.: 200 block of Wharf Street.

Fire, 1:49 p.m.: Gold Beach.

Lost subject, 3:06 p.m.: Kalmiopsis Elementary School officials reported student missing after school.  The student was later found at a nearby residence and reunited with his father.

Misuse of 911, 4 p.m.: Police received multiple calls during a six-hour period from a toddler playing with the phone. The toddler was playful and polite, but would not give the phone to an adult when asked, and hung up the phone. Police advised that inactive phones with no service providers are often given to children to play with. Those phones are still capable of calling 911 if the battery is not removed.

Fire, 7:21 p.m.: Dawson and Passley roads.

Dispute/fight, 7:52 p.m.: 1200 block of Chetco Avenue.


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