Court Report Feb. 16, 2013

By The Curry Coastal Pilot February 15, 2013 04:31 pm

Peter Lester Brierly, born 1965, of Brookings, was arraigned in absentia after he refused to come to court on charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment.

April Lynn Conwell, born 1980, of Pullman, Wash., had charges dismissed of misdemeanor manufacturing/delivering of a controlled substance.

Melissa Ann Davis, born 1985, of Crescent City, had a warrant issued after she failed to appear in court on felony possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and two theft charges.

Son Michael Davis, born 1976, of Brookings, pleaded guilty to felony possession of a controlled substance and faces a March 5 trial.

Benjamin Ray Swaffar, born 1982, of Calistoga, Calif., pleaded guilty and was released on felony possession of marijuana charges.

Eric J. Strickland was ordered to not work without a landscaping contractors’ or engineers’ license, represent himself as a landscaper or engineer and not work for others in the landscaping business after he was found guilty of working without a landscaping license. He was also ordered to pay $26,500 in restitution.

The court denied a resentencing request made by Gregory Allen Bowen, who has been in prison since 2003.

Richard Randall, born 1950, of Brookings, pleaded guilty to reckless driving and will be sentenced Feb. 22

Michael Ray Perry, born 1963, of Harbor, was ordered to forfeit his impounded horses after he left them on another man’s property. The 10 horses, one of which was found dead, were mired in mud and eating bark from nearby trees. Perry faces charges of animal abuse and eight charges of animal neglect.

Phillip E. Chandler, born 1977, of Brookings, pleaded guilty to felony charges of possession of methamphetamine and endangering the welfare of a minor; he will be sentenced Feb. 20.

Michael A. Ebert, born 1967, of Coos Bay, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft and will be sentenced Feb. 20.

Devery Randall Freeman, born 1962, of Gold Beach, was convicted of failing to report as a sex offender.

Gary Richard Rogers, born 1954, of El Macero, Calif., was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluations and was transported to the state hospital. He faces numerous weapons, drug possession and driving charges.

Robert Eugene Snyder, born 1974, of Brookings, was issued a warrant after he failed to appear in court on felony burglary charges and two charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

David Louis Knapp, born 1950, of Port Orford, was convicted of failing to perform the duties of a driver.

Daniel Michael Richardson, born 1986, of Brookings, pleaded guilty and was found guilty of reckless driving and driving while suspended.

Brandi Lee Kelly, born 1975, of Gold Beach, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment; a second charge was dismissed.

Justin Dale Perry, born 1977, of Bandon, was released on conditions. He faces second-degree burglary charges.

Tristan Lee Schauerman, born 1985 of Brookings, was arraigned on contempt of court charges.

Terry Marisu, born 1929, of Brookings, pleaded no contest to DUII and sentenced to one year of diversion, fined, and must place an ignition lock device in her car for a year.

Matthew Sol Hughes, born 1971, of Brookings, was arraigned on firearms, assault and disorderly conduct charges.

Michael J. Loebs, born 1985, of Brookings, was convicted of fishing without a license and fined $500.

Rebecca W. Qualls, born 1994, of Brookings, pleaded guilty to minor in possession of alcohol, fined $260 and will have her license suspended for a year.

David Allen Dieter, born 1939, of Brookings, pleaded guilty and was convicted on misdemeanor theft charges. He was sentenced to 12 months probation and ordered to pay $1,000 restitution.

James Milton, Adkins, born 1962, of Brookings, was sentenced to 48 months of probation, 30 days in jail, drug and alcohol treatment and must pay $1,100 after he was convicted on strangulation charges. Another charge in the case was dismissed.

Christian Michael Caples-Kretz was convicted on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and failing to appear in a criminal citation.