One Last Point: Finally, a playoff

June 26, 2012 08:27 pm


It’s finally happened. The NCAA has gone to a four-team playoff scenario for football rather than the mess that has been the Bowl Championship Series since the ‘90s.

I applaud the decision to make the championship a true battle, but I’m not sure four teams is enough.

The details still remain to be worked out, and it won’t be put into effect until after the 2014 season ends to allow the current contractual obligations to run out.

One of the details still being decided is how to select the four teams to the semifinals.

One possible solution will be to have a committee select the competitors. 

Ostensibly it would allow teams like Boise State to finish their season undefeated, get selected to the semifinals and then get spanked like everyone knows they will.

Or, the curse of the blue grass will be lifted and they will win a championship. 

The semifinals is supposedly rotate among six bowl games, so schools don’t lose out on the money they make from bowl games.

The only issue I can see coming up is finding the teams. It will be easy in years when there are just four undefeated teams in the NCAA making strong cases to be included in the semifinals, but when there are more – or none – what is going to happen?

I guess we’ll find out when the time comes, huh?


Eerie circumstances

I’m a big fan of karma. I don’t believe in it above all else, and I’m not worried about making good karma for myself, but I don’t mind attributing bad karma to some schmuck that has been an idiot.

In addition to karma, I’m also a believer in serendipity.

An experience that drove home the point came as I finished the 10K run and went to get back in the car.

I had planned on listening to my iPhone on the run, and had it set up to play podcasts of NPR’s This American Life.

Well, great company precluded me from listening to anything other than good conversation and when I went to put my phone away, I noticed it was playing a song from the play list on my phone.

It was a song by one of the pioneers of progressive rock, Yes. The name of the song was, “Finally.”

I thought that appropriate ­– albeit eerie – a song with the title “Finally” should be mysteriously playing on my phone, when it should have been playing a podcast, even if it had decided to play on its own.

After looking up the lyrics to the song, I thought it fitting that the song played. 

Here are a few of the lyrics: 

Finally ... We put it to the test. Dedicate to the true believer in you. Finally ... Put it to the test. Finally.

It’s not so much what you know. Or who you know that’s coming. Its what you do regardless. Its what you do ... eventually.

Finally... We put it to the test. Dedicate to the true believer in you. Finally... Put it to the test. Finally.

I’ve seen them running, down and out. Never mind the good intentions. A dreamer with a reason to live. Is as clear as his next invention.

You take a second look to find. A second chance at giving. The voices say do not despair. There’s a real good reason you’re living.