Tyler Kido wins Mr. BHHS title

May 25, 2012 08:24 pm

Tyler Kido makes sure his crown fits properly after winning the title of Mr. BHHS Tuesday night. The Pilot/Bill Schlichting

Brookings-Harbor High School senior Tyler Kido, the 2012 winner of the 16th annual Mr. BHHS pageant,  wooed the judges and won the heart of audience members Tuesday night during the pageant in the BHHS auditorium. 

“I feel like I did pretty good,” Kido said. “I won. I think that’s the best you can pretty much do.”

BHHS sophomore Alec McBride was the first runnerup.


The other contestants in this year’s “Jersey Shore” themed competition were sophomore Jesse Carson and senior Diondre Runyan.

During the over-the-top pageant, the contestants referred to how fit and tan their bodies are, performed humorous talents that put audience members into hysterics and gave ridiculous answers to “the question.”

The Mr. BHHS pageant, which is an all-male spoof of the Azalea Pageant, is a fundraiser for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland. 

The pageant raised a total of $755.21. About $225 was raised during the “Dash for Cash.”

Judges Pam Deraita of Hearing Health Care Inc., Kevin Bane of KURY Radio, BHHS math teacher Kathy McKee and Pat Silveria of Slugs  ’N Stones ’N Ice Cream Cones judged the contestants on boardwalk wear, “Gym, Tan, Laundry” (GTL) wear, club wear, a curtsy competition, a question and a talent.

This year’s question was “If you had to change one thing throughout high school, what would it be, and how would you go about doing it?”

Runyan said he would change the food in the cafeteria to steak and prime rib. He said he would go about doing it by telling the cafeteria staff to do it. 

Carson said he would add a tanning class. It would be funded through fundraisers.

McBride said he would put up more mirrors to see his beautiful self in them. He wouldn’t ask, he would just put them up, he said.

Finally, Kido said the school needs a club. He would hold car washes as a fundraiser “with him and only him because who wouldn’t want to see that?” as he displayed his abs.

For the talent portion, Runyan did a fist pump, followed by a push-up and then put on Chapstick.

Carson lifted free weights at the gym, lay out to tan and then did laundry.

McBride showed audience members “how to woo a woman,” by overexaggerating many dating norms.

He had a female volunteer come to the stage, and played Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl” as he gave her multiple bouquets of roses, a tiara, slow-danced with her and gave her a hug.

For his talent, Kido demonstrated “how to get your hair done to go clubbing,” which put many audience members in hysterics.

He fingered a very generous amount of hair gel into his hair, sprayed enough hair spray into his hair for at least three people and used a comb to style his hair.

Once he finished, his hair was white, stuck out at all angles and the smell of hair products was overpowering.

 In addition to the contestants generating multiple laughs from audience members, entertainment was provided by juniors Manya Bruce and Kayla Webre who didn’t break from their “Jersey Shore” accent.

Kido and Carson said they chose to participate because Doernbecher is a good foundation. McBride said he is part of the Leadership committee that organizes Mr. BHHS. 

Mr. BHHS is among the biggest of several fundraisers for the hospital presented by BHHS during the school year.