At the Helm: Six words? You got it!

By Scott Graves, Pilot staff writer April 20, 2012 09:59 pm


Last week I asked readers for six words describing what they like, or don’t like, about living on America’s Wild Rivers Coast – a takeoff on an idea from the EPA and Smith magazine to commemorate Earth Day 2012.

The assignment, to write a creative essay using only six words, might have been spurred somewhat by a letter to the editor from a man who was “bored in Brookings” and planned to move back to the “big city” as soon as possible. 

Dozens of readers took up the Wild Rivers Coast Earth Day challenge. Here are some passionate, six-word portraits posted on the Pilot’s Facebook page:


“Shop-a-holic? Move on! Crowd Lover? Adios!” – Anonymous


“Earthworms commute on rainy spring sidewalk.” – Christina Olsen


“A stunning place to visit today.” – Mike Pundyk


“Where the mountains greet the sea!” – Laurie Calef


“Clean rivers, big redwood, big waves.” – Cameron Wilson Ame Fox


“Where Importance Lies In The Community.” – Evan Vest


“Where you don’t tan, you rust! – Melissa Drain


“We have way too many homeless.” – Kenny Davis


“Come to visit, stay for life.” ­– Gaylene Henderson 


“God’s beauty abounds in Curry County.” ­ – Gaylene Henderson’s mom. 


“Salmon, steelhead, Deer, Elk, Bear, Crab.” – Tony Hobbs


Here are some emailed or hand-delivered to the Pilot office:


“Gorgeous coastline, wild rivers, nature’s best.” – Gina Richards


“We like it as it is!” – Bill Mucklow


“Fog chilling you? Sunny skies upriver!” – Rene Moulton


“Skies Weep Incessantly Refreshing Our Land.” – Mary Jo Anderson


“Die in Brookings; Lilies need fertilizer.” – Earl E. Mohr


“Breathe, Live, Love, Paradise, Friendly Folks.”– Mary Jean Tobler James


“Ocean, River, Mountains!  Who needs more?” – Pat Brookfield


“Little Rivers. Big Fish. Climate Galore!” – Gary and Val Early


“City gal loves Nature’s Beauty here!” – Linda Thompson 


“Low tide, high tide, in between.” – B. Rhoads


“Spectacular nature, Rejuvenating quiet, Expanding creativity.” – S. Rhoads.


“My Brookings: Glorious Earth (every) Day.” – Lynn Guild


Thank you everybody for your six-word essays. I leave you with my six-word essay about Pilot readers:


“Ever thinking, always willing, never disappointing.” – Scott Graves