Our area – in six words

By Scott Graves, Pilot staff writer April 13, 2012 08:51 pm


If you had only six words to write a creative essay that captures life on America’s Wild River’s Coast, what would they be?

Give it a shot and send me your six-word essay. I will share them with readers in a future column.

This idea is not new. Pilot copy editor Lynn Guild suggested it after seeing a similar essay project currently offered by the Environmental Protection Agency, in partnership with SMITH magazine, to celebrate Earth Day on April 22.

The project, “Six words for the planet: What are yours?” can be found at http://blog.epa.gov/blog/2012/04/02/sixwords/ (Entries are being accepted at the EPA blogsite until June 30.)

Examples of six-word essays featured on the EPA blog site include:

“Many nations. One planet. Our home.”

“Healthier families, cleaner communities, stronger America.”

“Breathe; A moment in nature. Breathe!”

It’s such a great idea that Lynn and I decided to do our own six-word essay project about life on the Wild Rivers Coast.

Of course, not everybody is enamored by the area so, to be fair, we will accept essays that aren’t necessarily glowing. All I ask is that you please keep it civil.

This got me thinking about the April 11 letter to the editor by Jim Armstrong about being bored in Brookings. I asked Jim what made him want to leave the area. His reply made it plain that he was simply a big city guy trapped in small town America.

“Hey Scott, I’m from Southern California as well; there’s just not enough of anything here in Brookings to keep the mind stimulated. I mean how many times can I go to Fred Meyer’s in a day? Or the already old Bi-Mart? It’s becoming so depressing. I can hang in there but I’m always thinking of my wife, her being a women who loves to shop. Tell me, where is there a place for women to shop?  Where can I go to catch the Dodgers or Angels game or Laker’s game? Or step out on the town for real dining and drinks? I feel like I’m in senior citizen land here.

“Sorry Scott, but like they say now, “It is what it is” and what it is, is not fun anymore ...”

His six-word essay might be “It’s what it is – not fun.”

Pilot reader Arthur Moore felt similiarly:

“There are no medical specialists. I have to go to Medford, Eugene or Portland. There is no hospital. The nearest hospitals is the little hospital in Gold beach (25 miles to the north) and Sutter Coast Hospital (25 miles to the south).

“The highway system between Highway 101 and I-5 is a winding, slow and dangerous to drive, especially the narrow section of Highway 199 near Patricks Creek.

“Brookings and Harbor are separate towns. They should be one city to increase political clout (voters) with the state legislature.  Retirees refuse to pay sufficient taxes to support local services such as schools, police, fire, etc.”

Six words, Arthur?

It seems to me that America’s Wild River Coast doesn’t suit everybody. It suits me just fine. Here are my six words:

“Fresh air, friendly folks, endless opportunities.”

What do you think? 

Submit your six-word essay to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or drop it off at the Pilot Office, 507 Chetco Ave.