A banner year for generosity

By The Curry Coastal Pilot January 01, 2012 11:54 pm


Christmas Day has come and gone, but Curry County residents have proven that the spirit of generosity and helping others less fortunate is a year-round thing.

In reviewing the content of every Curry Coastal Pilot issue of 2011, we found numerous examples of community members coming to the aid of an individual, organization or family in need. 

Whether it was a child suffering from a rare disease or accident, an adult with cancer, or an organization collecting food, toys or clothing for children, people gave generously of their time and money to fill up collection cans, host fundraisers and make donations to established bank accounts.

Maybe it’s the way a certain new story or letter to the editor touches readers. Or maybe it’s because our community understands that the need is out there and steps up. 

One thing is certain: There’s power in numbers, which means one doesn’t need to donate a lot to make a difference.

And all these magnanimous gestures are being made during a time when many continue to their belt-tightening ways due to bad economy, employment woes and rising food prices. In fact, those who are first to give are often those in need themselves.

It’s this small-town generosity that can change outcomes and touch lives. It’s the type of effort that can pull the community through the darkest of times.

We commend all of the people who helped make a difference for those less fortunate in 2011.

Here’s to another banner year in 2012!