A Night To Remember

By Bill Schlichting, Pilot staff writer May 18, 2011 12:00 pm


Geoff Gowman and Vanessa Meier dance after being chosen prom king and queen.

It was “A Night to Remember” at Howonquet Hall in Smith River when Brookings-Harbor High School students participated in the biggest dance of the year.



Young men donned tuxes and young women arrived in gowns for the annual Junior Class Prom, which attracted more than 70 students Saturday night.

Upon entering the building, one of the first items of business was to vote for the prom king and queen. Geoff Gowman and Vanessa Meier were chosen from the slate of choices, which included Chris Page, Brianne Dodgen, Justin Holmes, Ayiez Kamaruden, Dustin Paradis, Heidi Moore, Eli Bruce and Jenna Flowers.

During the dancing, disc jockeys from Accurate Productions in McKinleyville, Calif., announced the court followed by BHHS staff placing the crowns on Gowman and Meier. Dancing resumed as the court went to a side room where Deanna Bansemer and the staff of Deanna Leigh Photography set up the photo of the court.