A go-kit is a backpack or duffle with survival items for each person

By Dave Lacey South Coast Tsunami Outreach and Don Kendell, Curry County Emergency Services April 13, 2011 04:00 am

Editor’s note: This is the third and final entry in a series of public forums regarding tsunami/earthquake preparedness in Curry County. The previous submissions were published on Page 5A in the March 26 and April 6 issues.

Go-kits and your family plan: Have you heard of a go-kit? A go-kit is a backpack or duffel with survival needs for as many as there is in your family for at least three days. This is a kit that is always in your vehicle and/or at your home at all times, just in case. Check out the Red Cross website for examples or to purchase one at: www.oregonredcross.org.    Many people don’t think that three days is enough and I generally agree, but much more than three days of supplies for four people can be a large amount and heavy to carry. Hopefully you have made an after-event plan where you know there will be supplies once the all clear is sounded and you can meet up with displaced family at predesignated rendezvous points. 

If you don’t have an after- event plan make one. What if you are separated from your family in another town when an earthquake and then a major local tsunami hits?  Some bridges have collapsed, cell towers are down, the power is out, landslides have ruined most of the highways and many city roads. Simply put, you are separated from your family for days or more.  Make a plan and get your go-kits ready. It’s as simple as getting prepared and making the choice to sink or swim.  Take a class from the Red Cross, learn about Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), participate in a Map Your Neighborhood event, talk to your friends and family. What we need to do is foster a culture of preparedness.

For questions contact:  Don Kendall, 541-247-3208 or Dave Lacey, 541-373-0487.